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An Important Reminder From The Higher Self

Hello everyone!

I mentioned recently that my goal with spiritual upkeep was to keep it simple, and I quickly learned that this approach is greatly appreciated by my spiritual allies.

After opening the records yesterday I asked this question "Higher Self, please reveal the most powerful personal statement that I can make at this now moment.

The answer was given quickly and I was encouraged to say out loud from the core of my being "I Am Enough"

Those three words may seem simple, but they contain both an invitation and a challenge. The invite was to accept me exactly as I am right now. No more striving, comparing, or competing.

The challenge was to examine deeply what it means to be enough. To look at my life and circumstances and see that they are perfectly set up for me to grow, evolve and thrive in the direction of my dreams and goals.

"I Am Enough" is a statement of self-acceptance and self-love that reminds us that we are worthy of respect, love, and kindness. It helps us shift our focus away from comparing ourselves to others and instead recognizing our own unique strengths and abilities. The power of this affirmation lies in its ability to help us recognize our worthiness and embrace who we are on a deeper level as we move through life. Celebrating your individual gifts rather than obsessing over comparisons can lead to more fulfilling relationships, more peaceful thoughts, and greater joy.

If you aren't sure how to make this statement, allow me to help you. Close your eyes, breathe deeply 3 times, call your prana into the heart space, and state out loud from your front row seat in The Cosmo's, "I Am Enough".

Mean it, feel it, let it be, and move forward knowing that it is the truth. In order for you to not be enough that would mean the creator made a mistake, and that my friends is not possible. You are enough and always have been and this is how you will be perceived by those who love you for eternity.

Todd Bryson

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