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Ascension Update March 2023

Hello Family,

As the Ascension energies flush away the old and create space for the new, many will discover an inner clarity that has long been dormant. This clarity allows one to look at life from a higher perspective, where knowledge, truth, and divine guidance become available in abundance without restriction.

The now moment is ripe for higher self connection, spiritual revelation, and unfiltered knowing.

In this higher perspective, spiritual revelations are much more likely to be given by one's Higher Self than at any point before. These revelations often come in the form of moments where you receive an answer to a long-standing question or suddenly experience an epiphany that carries great significance and meaning.

So what has changed?

These new energies have created a bridge between your physical and spiritual realms, allowing you to connect more and traverse greater distances within your consciousness without having to focus so much on taming or suppressing the linear elements of this physical dimension, whose purpose has been declared fulfilled.

Let me give a personal example.

About a week ago I had a really bad night. Things were not going my way. I felt as though resistance was being imposed upon me from every direction, and of course, I blamed my team.

"What more do I have to see? What more do I have to learn? I'm too tired for any of this, its not fun anymore."

We've all been there.

Then later that night, I had a revelation coming through from my higher self. It was like a pearl of wisdom formed in the depths of my being, giving me clarity about my life situation and how to move forward. I received the message, took my notes, and then continued to fuss : ) then to my surprise, another message came through, then another, and eventually about an hour had passed with a solid page of notes taken. After reflecting I found it funny that I was able to access such clear and profound guidance even though my vibration was lacking, so I decided to investigate further.

"Dear Higher Self, why am I communicating so effectively even though my mood is currently garbage?" The response that comes through: "The gateway to clarity is now accessible without limitation. Let it be known that great potential is in the air."

In that lower state, I had determined that I was unworthy of receiving any soul feedback. The Higher Self didn't see it that way and made it a point to show me that I was still capable of connecting, even when my vibration was off and I was to offer others this same revelation to others.

Our understanding of Spirituality is currently operating at a higher level than before, creating the perfect conditions for us as Lightworkers to thrive. Sometimes we get caught up in trying to be so perfect that when a bad day comes around, we bury ourselves in a dark cloud of shame, hiding our divinity as a way of letting the universe know that we are sorry for our behavior or disappointed in our experience.

In these times, being a Lightworker requires us to focus more on surrendering than striving for absolute vibrational perfection. Perfection was never really expected of us but rather a self-imposed worthiness measuring stick.

Your worthiness can never be diminished in the eyes of Spirit, no matter the circumstances. As you move forward, know a bad day doesn't change your worth, a bad week doesn't remove your Light. A bad month doesn't dissolve who you are at the core.

Don't deny yourself what is meant for you because of past experiences in a more limited energy. Instead, understand everything you've experienced to this point (and I mean everything) was carefully orchestrated BY YOU to bring you to the present moment, where Ascension is possible and spiritual revelations are most available.

Does this mean that you no longer have to be mindful of your thoughts actions and behaviors? No, but let this be your reminder that Ascension is still alive and well within us, no matter what external factors suggest otherwise. Ascension is a journey rather than an event. Be gentle with yourself and take time to listen.

The voice will call your name even when you don't feel at your highest.

Todd Bryson

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1 Comment

Marcus Looft
Marcus Looft
Mar 10, 2023

What an encouraging message and a brave account, sharing your experience with us to lift us up. I bow low! Thank you Todd

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