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Creating Your Purpose

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Something special happened when you were born, a new version of the universe was created. One that can only be experienced by you, from your unique perspective, and guess what, you get to keep it forever.

A well-deserved inheritance for taking human form and having a human experience. Something many souls cannot fathom.

Consider how valuable your point of view is. I can never explore your universe, and you can never explore mine. When you die, so does that version of the universe.

When you give birth, you are birthing a new universe, when you kill someone, you are destroying a universe.

So when you ask the question, what is my purpose? You are really asking, what is the purpose of experiencing this unique universe that I am creating with my every thought, feeling, and action.

You would not enter the Earth plane casually and as a creator, everything you do has meaning.

To many, the idea of fulfilling purpose is tied to a linear accomplishment of something great, but it is not. Are there things the soul wants to accomplish? of course. Will the soul tailor the path to include those things? absolutely, But the entire draw of the Earth experience is to have free will and open-ended potential, two things that are rare in the Universe and the reason this place is so special.

The truth is your soul would never put a cap on its own potential, especially during a shift in consciousness by saying this is all I can and wish to accomplish in this lifetime.

Your life purpose is to be you, to the fullest expression, and explore your infinite potentials from your unique perspective as they arise.

You are here to remember who you are. What do you see in your universe that has captured your interest? Attract it. What energies have you experienced that you would like more of? Align with them and create purposely with every thought, feeling, and action.

As the creator, you are fulfilling your purpose and creating the universe every moment you live by observing it and deciding what it is. This is a process that you are performing on an infinite scale.

You are the artist, the musician, the writer, and the director.

It is all according to your design. So ask yourself this question every day: What would I like my universe to look like today? And then go out and create it by using your consciousness to arrange the energy like only a creator can.

Your purpose is to create a meaningful YOUniverse.

Todd Bryson

Akashic Records Practitioner

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1 comentario

30 may 2022

I am grateful for my own Looniverse and I love creating and living it everyday. Because in here, I am Shajon of Lunatic Service.

I am here to surprise, I am here to show what's possible, I am here to shake things up, I am here to offer new learning and growth experiences to others, and most importantly: I am here to have a lot of fun.

Me gusta
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