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Goodbye Ego, Hello Higher Self

Ok, let's start with this, what is the ego and why is it so freaking annoying and frustrating for Old Souls? It comes up with all these lies, spits them out as if they are true, and confuses the hell out of us in the process.

How dare it, doesn't the ego know who I am??

The ego, or the veil of illusion, is a part of you that keeps you separate from your Higher Self and engaged in the 3rd density. It's what helps you navigate the physical world and interact with other people. The ego can be helpful in many ways, but it can also get in the way when you're trying to connect with Spirit... Maybe you've heard.

So how does the ego get in the way exactly?

The ego is very convincing with its false sense of security. It will do whatever it takes to keep you in survival mode so that YOU don't have access to your intuition or higher self-guidance system because if YOU had this power, YOU might use it against the ego.

The ego can distort your perceptions and prevent you from tuning into your intuition and higher guidance. It creates a filter through which information is processed, often leading to distorted or second-guessed insights. Additionally, an overactive ego can block spiritual communication altogether... that is the nature of its purpose after all. Because of this, In order to establish clear communication with your guides, it's important to quiet the mind and allow for divine inspiration to flow freely beyond the ego.

Was that last sentence spiritually cliche enough for you? Stay with me.

If you're having trouble connecting with your spirit guides because the ego is interjecting, what can you do? You're educated and aware of the ego's tactics and still nothing... Here are some perspectives you might find useful.

-Remember that the ego is just a part of you. It's not bad or good, it's just there.

-Don't take the ego's resistance personally. You are bigger than it is, you can overcome this obstacle.

-Acknowledging the ego's strengths can build a certain level of trust between you.

-You can ask for assistance in releasing your ego's control before you attempt to connect.

-Remember that if the ego takes control of your communication with Spirit, you can always ask for help to regain awareness and reestablish contact.

-Try to be patient and compassionate with yourself. The ego has been around for a long time and it won't change overnight.

-The ego surrenders to the Akashic Records, bypassing its influence altogether if it's your intention to do so.

-The ego responds to consciousness and pure intent. It's the Law.

-Never forget who is in charge. YOU!

-Knowledge of your own power will help you overcome fear and resistance promoted by the ego.

So how do you tame the Beast?

Valid question. Luckily for you, you've done it before, you just have to remember how. Don't forget about your Akash, you came here with the directive of remembering how to use this resource with the grace and experience of a Master.

What is one thing the Ascended Masters of Earth all have in common besides the obvious? They knew how to tame the ego. You are that Master.

First, try to understand why it's resisting. The ego is afraid of change and doesn't want you to leave its comfort zone. SAD STORY! It will do everything in its power to keep you small and limited. However, once you understand how the ego presents fear, you will then encounter decision points where the engagement of that fear is optional and not an automatic function of the subconscious.


From there, it's a matter of practice. The more you work on staying present and connected to your guides, the easier it will become to ignore the ego's protests. Be patient and gentle with yourself, as this is a process that can take time.

How do you use the akashic records to release the ego?

Ask the records to help you decern the difference between the ego and the higher self.

Your ego is a small part of yourself that identifies with certain characteristics or roles in life. It can be seen as the "I" that is speaking or acting. Your higher self, on the other hand, encompasses all aspects of your being including your ego. It represents the aspect of you that is always connected to Spirit. When you learn to act from the perspective of your higher self, you will feel more connected as a result. Hello Mastery.

So what is the proper way to communicate with the ego and inform it of our decision to exclude it from spiritual practices?

When you want to communicate with the ego, it is important that you get into a theta state. This can be done through mediation or simply taking some deep breaths. Once you are in this space, imagine a bright light shining down on you from above. In this light, see your ego as a small figure standing in front of you. Talk to this figure as if it were another person. Ask it what its concerns and fears are. Listen carefully to what it has to say. Be willing to compromise and work together towards a common goal.

This is self-illumination. You are taking a piece of you that is functioning in the dark and you are bringing it light by providing it with new information.

When our relationship with the ego becomes healthy and conscious, we can trust our intuitive gifts again. This means that there's nothing out there that could possibly stop us from achieving anything we put our minds to! We just need to remember how to communicate with all aspects of us and see ourselves as we are seen by those who love and guide us. SO BE IT!

"To a mind that is still, the entire Universe surrenders" - Chuang Tzu

Todd Bryson

Akashic Records Practitioner

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