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The Advanced 5D Spiritual Practice Codex

Hello Everyone!

As we move forward on our journey into the new Earth, many are actively embracing advanced spiritual practices that are emerging from this higher dimension. The truth is that this merger is taking place because of our deeper connection to multidimensionality collectively and you and I are blazing the trail by daring to try new things no matter how many funny looks we get.

By embracing these high-concept rituals, we can call to mind our own multidimensional nature and that of the cosmos we express it in.

Each fifth-dimensional spiritual practice has its own unique power, but the common thread between them is that they all require us to connect with the higher vibrational frequencies available through our awakened hearts. You also must obtain a certain level of trust and surrender to practice these things and this is essential for those who make a living venturing beyond limitation.

From a 5D perspective, each moment gives us the chance to progress and extend. Even if we don't feel prepared or ready, applying these ideas has the potential to move our spiritual growth forward. The fifth-dimensional energy you will be tapping into is also conducive to healing, raising our frequency and unifying us with the divine source of unconditional love. It helps us return to a harmonious balance with ourselves, which then radiates out into the world around us.

Here they are!

Work With Parallel Selves From Past/Future Lives Who are Spiritual Mentors, Shamans, and Healers.

Why: The connection with these mentors helps us to become more vibrantly self-realized as they know us and understand our situations individually better than most.

How: Through meditation, preferably while using the akashic records, you can call upon your aspects from other lifetimes and seek their guidance on any matter. This is especially helpful when dealing with complex issues or if there is an inner conflict that needs to be resolved.

Strengthen Your Core Spiritual Muscles by Astral Chanting Using Sacred Oms.

Why: This practice will help you give amplified intent after moving beyond the noise of the physical where your vision for reality can be embedded in the script of your life.

How: Something happens after about 15 minutes of focused meditation, our astral bodies start to resonate with our conscious intent. Meaning that if you are chanting Om or any other mantra, your astral body has the ability to store that vibration and use it as a map for spiritual growth.

Start Service Projects in Collaboration With Your Angelic Guides or Cosmic Family

Why: Our soul family wants to be of service just as much as you and I do. Sometimes they need us to take the lead in order to get things going.

How: Connect with your cosmic family and set the intention to provide a service. Allow them to enlighten you about where to go and what to do.

Develop a Thorough Conscious Relationship with Your Energy Components

Why: With this awareness, you can access deeper levels of collaboration with the divine source powering these systems within you. Tune your instruments and listen to the music that comes from your essence.

How: Understand your energy systems and their conscious components to take control of your energetic state and environment. This means meditation and visualizing your anatomy, understanding chakras, and other energetic pathways.

Trigger Remembrance by Studying Ancient Knowledge, Mythologies, and Traditions of Various Cultures Around the World

Why: You may have noticed that your guides have embedded in you at times a thirst for knowledge about the elders who came before. The truth is that you are these elders and in the spirit of needing to know where you came from to get where you are going, these studies trigger remembrance of all kinds.

How: Research and allow your guides to take you to the exact information you need to absorb that will allow for the integration of your new/old self.

Summon Your Kundalini to Create a Divine Union Within

Why: Your Kundalini is... different, its dynamics with you have a unique flavor. It's the way to reclaim your power and essence. Summoning your Kundalini is a powerful way to create that divine union within and amplify your spiritual growth.

How: See it rise from your root and envelope the entirety of your being creating a holy union of your divine parts and watch them fire together like a fine-tuned machine as your physical and spiritual plane align.

Drink from the sun

Why: The sun and its energy are the epitome of abundance. When you create an energetic connection with the sun, it will provide the fuel your being needs to ascend spiritually.

How: Sit in the sun, take deep breaths, and feel its warmth. Focus on what you need for your spiritual growth and ask for it to come to you. Pretty simple.

Consume With the Intention to Nourish Others

Why: You are a creature of service, and the truth is that some are out there in the world struggling to juggle all they've been given. Take some time to create for them and eat and drink with the intent of providing rather than taking. Your energy will flow out from you and into the higher realms, reaching those who need it most.

How: While drinking, pause and state the intention that you are doing so to ease the burdens of others.

Contemplate Mystical Concepts

Why: When you take some time to be still and contemplate the mystical, ponder the depths of your being. Allow yourself to ask questions that seem to have no answers. Challenge yourself to venture deeper by connecting and trusting that your intuition will show the way to new revelations.

How: Move beyond limitation and consider if certain high spiritual concept things are real and true.

Participate in Frequency Baths and Sound Healings and Meditations

Why: One of the most powerful things I have ever experienced was taking a bath with my phone speaker pressing against the tub blasting all 9 solfeggio frequencies at once. This was a way to realign my energy systems and attune to the frequencies of unconditional love. Sound healings and meditations are also wonderful for activating your chakras and tuning into the wisdom and gifts in a way that allows them to be in the forefront of your experience.

How: Find a space and time to be in silence, with your eyes closed and just take the time to listen and absorb the frequencies with the help of water.

Develop a Practice for Alchemical Transformation Where You Can Turn Suffering Into Joy

Why: By displaying open-mindedness and not judging a situation before exploring it, you can often find positive outcomes that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. The idea is that you will observe people going the difficult times in life, and use your energy and your understanding of conscious intent to transform these experiences into something more positive. This will raise your vibration as well as create openings for collective change, which is one of the most powerful gifts.

How: Take the time to meditate on a situation and be present with your emotions. Visualize how to transmute negative energies into something that brings joy and peace.

Direct Gaia's Elements to Their Natural Eco-Balancing Counterparts

Why: We are all connected to planet Earth. By understanding the way our energy works, you can use your willpower to direct Gaia's elements back into harmony with its natural ecosystems and balance out any disruption caused by humanity. This is a great tool for restoring order in the world and realigning our collective consciousness.

How: Through meditation and visualizations, you can use your energy to direct specific elements of Gaia's environment back into harmony. This could be anything from restoring the balance of water in an area that has been overused, to restoring the natural rhythm of a forest. See it done!

Call Upon Cosmic Energies That Have Been Dormant or Suppressed Within Us.

Why: You may have noticed that the activation of some spiritual tools requires that you come into an awareness of them. This tells the universe that you have expanded to the point of being ready to receive them. Calling upon these energies signals to the universe just that, that you've shifted in vibration and are ready for more of who you are.

How: You can use a mantra or an affirmation to call upon these energies, such as "I am ready to receive the dormant and suppressed cosmic energies that live within me." Repeat this several times with focused intent.

Hope this helps you guys! By seeking out and participating in these higher 5D spiritual concepts you can create an unparalleled opening to a higher spiritual reality. Allow yourself to remove the yoke of the 3d limitations and take the journey of exploration and transformation to a new level where multidimensional awareness is the norm.

Todd Bryson

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