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The Art of Remembering

What's done is done, you will never go back to sleep, not on the Earth anyway. The awakening you're experiencing now will be carried with you as a human into every future lifetime. You've punched your ticket, you will never forget again.

This is the new cycle of human evolution and it begins with you Wayshower.

It may be the hardest part of the journey, but remembering who you are is an art form that your Soul has mastered. It's a carefully choreographed dance with the Universe and Creator to rediscover the authentic self. To remember who you are, you must let go of who you are not. If it is not love it is not you.

It's a bit like a puzzle, each piece of you that is remembered has its own unique shape and is part of the full picture of your Soul. The more you remember the clearer the picture becomes, until one day you will see yourself completely and know that you are Love itself.

So if it's so important for us to remember who we are why did we forget in the first place?

Excellent question. Because we chose to.

The Soul wants to experience the Universe from all angles, to do this it must fully immerse itself for the experience to be as authentic as possible. In other words, we had to choose amnesia for free will and infinite potential to exist.

But don't worry, it's the forgetting that makes the remembering so sweet. The contrast of not knowing who you are vs remembering creates such a deep feeling of love and gratitude for this experience and you would never deny yourself that.

It is the I AM THAT I AM coming to life within you.

So, how do you remember, what's the process?

It is simple and it is not. You must be willing to let go of everything that is not love. All the pain, all the hurt, all the anger, all the resentment, all the judgment, all the fear, ALL of it must go. From your records, from your now, all of it.

You must be willing to release the old story of who you thought you were and be open to the new story of who you really are. You are an ever-evolving, infinite being of love and light. It is the only thing we really know is true.

The problem we run into during the process is that we tell ourselves "I will love unconditionally when all the unlovable things have left." not realizing that this is the approach that has us spinning in place.

Your unconditional love, cant have conditions.

Make the decision to love no matter what. It is a conscious choice to see the truth of who you are despite what appears to be. You are not your circumstances, but maybe, just maybe the circumstances were orchestrated to help you remember.

As your Soul journeys through the Cosmos, it will take on many different forms. But the core will always be the same and home will always be a thought away.

You are love, you come from love and you will return to love. Find the frequency of love and find yourself.

Todd Bryson

Akashic Records Practitioner

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