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The Law of Resonance Explained

It's no Secret, The Universe has laws for attracting and manifesting, these laws govern the give and take aspects of reality. Understanding the inner workings of these laws can lead to a fuller more connected life experience.

In a Kryon channeling a while back, a parable was given about what it's like to understand and fully come into alignment with these laws. It's like holding the image of a number in your mind, rolling dice, and getting the exact number you expected over and over again.

Knowledge of these laws, while taking action to stay in alignment with them takes a process that is perceived as randomness and turns it into a system that is biased in your favor.

When you understand and align with the Universal laws, your energy signature begins to change, in turn, giving you access to higher levels of experience.

You see, the Universe kinda has a thing for you... It wants to deliver for you, it wants to manifest your will and it wants you to wake up and remember everything you've done together. You are it, it is you. Let's not forget about that whole oneness thing.

Before we move on, keep this in mind, waking up against all odds and remembering how all of this works means that the system is already rigged in your favor. In a dimensional experience like this, there are fail-safes involved to ensure you come home in a timely manner.

So let's zero in on a specific law and get acquainted with it.

This law is one that is very near and dear to the Lightworker experience, it's what we count on to ensure a successful 3D - 5D transition and safe return to Source. It's an intuitive understanding that the state of our internal world manifests externally.

It's The Law of Resonance.

In our understanding, resonance is a law that governs frequencies and their ability to attract like frequencies.

It operates in the background of all spiritual law and yet it's most commonly used by those who are in tune with their energetic language. That language is communicating an instruction set to you Universe on what to bring you.

In order to align with the law of resonance, you have to already be a vibrational match with your desire. If you're not in alignment vibrationally with that desire, then it's going to be hard, if not impossible to manifest what you want.

The law of resonance is like a tuning fork for the Universe. When your energy is in resonance with the thing you desire, it will begin to show up in your life experience.

"It's not personal, it's vibrational." -Phil Good

The problem people run into that prevents them from coming into alignment with this law is that they are trying to manifest from a state of lack or fear, the same state they were in during the acquisition of how the law of resonance works. When you're in that space, your frequency is broadcasting disharmony, and that is the order you are placing with the Universe.

So what that means is, coming into alignment with the law of resonance requires the party involved to find peace over what they perceive as being wrong with them before the solution is ever given to them. This is a process that Kryon calls 'Completing the Circle'.

For many of you, this means finding a new vibrational baseline that transcends the current experience you're having. for some, it simply means being more aware and conscious of what they are broadcasting to the Universe.

Many of you know me well enough at this point to know that I'm always going to bring the conversation back around to the Akashic Records. You see, the law of resonance is one that can be easily understood and applied once you have access to your Akashic Records.

Understand this, the same vibrational state you need to align with the law of resonance is the same vibrational state required to access the records. It's like entering an advanced edit mode.

Using the Akashic records will help you identify what is taking you out of alignment and allow you access to the tools and perspective needed to correct the situation. The Records will tune you back into attraction mode.

The law of resonance is one that operates both on a conscious and unconscious level, so within the akashic records, you are amplifying the conscious level, and reprogramming the subconscious all at once allowing you to wield the full authority of the I AM within any dimensional space of existence.

The law of resonance is a law that only functions in the physical plane, it's not available to you outside of this space.

So, how do you use the law of resonance?

The first step is to get clear about what it is that you want.

The second step is to get in resonance vibrationally with that desire.

The third and final step, once you are in resonance, is to maintain that frequency as you take action towards the manifestation of your desire. You have to be emotionally stable and in a state of joy.

Easier said than done obviously, or everyone would be doing it without hesitation.

But how do we consciously muffle the cries of our current state? As soon as we get on top of ourselves, it seems like something new goes wrong.

You should always remember, new beginnings often disguise themselves as painful endings. Don't ask and expect change if you aren't ready to take full responsibility for how those changes come about.

A full understanding of the system you are working will allow you to stand apart from the emotional triggers of these changes. Be in the world but not of the world. No law or principle in existence will work for you if they are not birthed from within first and foremost. The law of resonance requires your intimacy to activate its power fully.

Todd Bryson,

Akashic Records Practitioner

Let's open your records together!

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