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-Opening The Records-

About This Video

In this powerful 40 minute video, I explain in detail the sacred process of opening and exploring the Akashic Records and how to use their potential for personal growth, effective healing, creative inspiration, and circumstantial clarity.

The truth is, Im not teaching you anything new in this video that your Soul doesn't already know. The Akashic Records are a space you are very comfortable and familiar with!

 -->thats why the records are calling your name!<-- 

By giving you this specific knowledge, I am simply triggering the process of you remembering how to do it.

What Will You Gain?

- Extensive knowledge of the cosmic laws you must follow to open the records.

- The proper approach needed to open the records and hold your awareness in that space.

- How to use the advanced energy tools needed to navigate and explore the records efficiently.

- How to call forward experience you acquired in past lives.

- How to access past lives, timelines, parallel dimensions, and more.

- How to use the records for personal growth and healing.

- The knowledge needed to move mountains. 

- How to fast track the development of spiritual gifts.

-Akashic Records FAQ-