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My clients inspire me to be the best Akashic Records Practitioner I can be. Check out what some had to say about my guidance, and get in touch to schedule your own session with me.

Super sessions are totally the way to go friends. I can’t convey the emotion I felt when I opened up the email with the images from my session. I looked in the eyes of one of my past selves and ‘knew’ him. I felt love and compassion for/from/to us. Another image Todd sent was the same image I saw in our reading! That kind of validation is priceless. I’m doing my work and opening up to the universe in faith. To have the gift of validation?? So grateful.

Susan Utter - Akashic Records Super Session

Todd is an exceptional soul. 

I too am a reader and rarely have any need for readings by others. There also aren't many who are truly authentic and really gifted. I knew Todd was sincere and authentic after watching a few videos.

I was interested because of his connection to KRYON. KRYON has been in my life since about 2000. This magnetic energy changed my life. I was into metaphysics from the age of 13. Read many books by considered highly elevated souls and some that had achieved levels of mastery, KRYON was different. Transcends this worlds chaos and density..... So does Todd. 

He connects on a soul level and trusts the messages he receives. I got some stellar synchronicities and messages of how to clear some undesired energy from my chakras and energetic fields. 

Todd takes his time and is very good with answering any questions and sharing ideas.

Thank you for being brave enough to be authentic and here to assist us Todd.


DevRa - Akashic Records Deep Dive

Hi Todd,

I just wanted to thank you more than words can say for such an amazing reading last night.  First of all I need to tell you what a gift you are (so grateful you persisted for 10 years to achieve what you have)!!!  You are "Unique" and in my 65 years in this incarnation, I have never met anyone who is able to communicate this "Sacred" information as directly, simply and helpfully as you do.  Every single piece of information and the way you brought it forth made so much sense to me.  So much of what happened in this incarnation is so much more understandable now.  You truly are amazing!!!

Theresa - Akashic Records Deep Dive

As a 73-year-old, who has been on mission for about 30 years give or take, I'm quite happy with where I'm at in life and haven't felt the need for a reading in quite some time. However, because I love Todd's youtube messages so much I jumped at the chance to speak with him and I can honestly say that he blew me away with how he showed up for me and brought through revelations from my records that were life-changing. He helped me realized that I still had much to accomplish and he even channel my mother who has been passed away for quite some time. Will book again soon!!

Mildred V. - Akashic Records Deep Dive

I've had multiple sessions with Todd and I can attest that he truly is the agent of change he claims to be. I felt like he understood my experience and knew exactly how to bring the information through from the records that I needed during the session. I've referred several family members and friends to consider his services. One of the most talented healers.

Kristen B. - Akashic Records Deep Dive

As Someone who's always struggled to hear my guides, I was ready to give up. My akashic records meeting help me gain clarity on what was blocking me. I now feel more connected and clear about what my guides want me to know.

Casey J. Akashic Records Deep Dive & Third Eye Activation

Hi Todd,

I wanted to thank you for the session yesterday. It was very powerful and helpful for what I am experiencing in my life right now. I am glad I recoded it because I was confused by a couple things and listening again provided clarity. 

The lifetimes that came through when we were activating my success template very much resonated with of them I had seen before but was unclear of how it could benefit me now. 

I appreciated the flow of the session and how much you are able to fit in by having a plan and format. I found it all valuable...helpful info that I can put into action right away and downloads to take me to the next level.  Despite being very tired and needing more rest since the session, I've already noticed a deepening in the knowing with myself and my clients...there is a deeper clarity and confidence there. 

Laura P. Akashic Records Deep Dive

As a late awakening Starseed with very little esoteric knowledge my visit with with Todd was a very profound experience. I was nervous to be honest. I have not met nor spoken to another starseed since I awoken. When he started gently smiling after I had described the messages and dreams I have received I felt so relieved. Someone that understood! His gentle manner and his sincerity in helping me blew me away. The information he provided me answered so many questions. The computer generated images of prior lives and other things he sees reading for you reaches right into your soul. It was amazing. I highly recommend it.  We need more people like him doing this. He is the real deal people.

Charles K - Akashic Records Super Session

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