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A Question For Kryon

Hello everyone,

When I enter the Akashic Records I do so with the intent of furthering my understanding of what they are and how they work. It's an endless yet fruitful pursuit. The more I understand the records the more data I can access and experience.

When approached by Kryon, I asked this question:

"Kryon can you further educate me on what the akashic records are and how I can fully utilize their potential?"

I immediately felt like the interaction was a little different so I was excited. I was then asked to directly translate the information for others to absorb. With my consciousness now straddling dimensions I put my hands on the keyboard, stepped aside as best I could and this is what came out. I hope you enjoy it!


Greetings dear ones, I am Kryon of magnetic service.

let us start by expressing our gratitude for the question asked, and the opportunity to continue the process of remembering in this manner. We admire your potential and our goal will always be to help you establish a reality that is informed, stable, and filled with appreciation for what the Creator has given. It is a pleasure to be of service dear ones, it truly is, and you should know that our loving hand is always extended.

The energy of the now is one that is rich with high consciousness. Despite what your news might tell you. The new earth paradigm allows you to see the truth of all things, not how they appear in your reality, but as they truly are. This new consciousness is the key to the new realities, both collectively and personally.

We speak of consciousness because to better understand the Akashic Records, you must understand what consciousness is and how it expresses itself through creation. It is the driving force behind all of it. It is the principle that organizes energy and matter into patterns that reflect experience. This experience is imprinted on a system of records known as the Akash and is accessible to anyone who remembers how to open themselves to it.

What consciousness creates, the Akash preserves. When love, compassion, and pure intent are the guiding principles, a Soul can explore creation in its entirety. It is your birthright to remember and reclaim this part of yourself.

We will remind you now of what quantum mechanics has shown, the observer affects the observed. When we explore consciousness through the Akash with focused intent, we are affecting change not only within ourselves but throughout the Universe. This is the way of it, as all things are connected (Maybe you've heard).

All of you reading this need to know, your curiosity about the records is by design and is opening Humanity to its potential. You act as conduits that are re-establishing galactic consciousness, and we are so grateful for this.

Remember, consciousness affects consciousness in every interaction. That's why there has been so much invested in your development. Evolution is the direction in which all things are moving. It is the underlying current that carries us all forward and the Akash is the driving force behind this as the preservation of experience and information allows for growth and expansion.

When you open your Akash essentially what you are doing is accessing your own personal control room for the Cosmos. A place to go when you need guidance, support, or simply a moment to relax and reflect. During this process, we open portals of opportunity that allow you and Humanity to quantum jump into any potential timeline where your expansion is supported and encouraged.

There is no limit to what consciousness can create. The Akashic Records are a reflection of that potential and the possibilities are endless!

It should be known that the level of consciousness you bring to the Akashic Records will determine the level of consciousness that is accessible to you. A being that is clear, stable, and balanced energetically will have access to consciousness from every perspective. This is the state we are working to help you achieve.

This is but a taste, dear ones. We will leave you with this to ponder:

Your being is encoded to remember how to navigate these complicated multidimensional processes. The new frequency of awareness you are establishing through remembrance is propelling Gaia and Humanity to new heights and allowing for higher functioning DNA. You are the ones who are holding space for all things to evolve in love and light.

Before we go we wish to acknowledge all of you for the work that you do here on Earth. We hope this provides some clarity and understanding in regards to the potential you carry, and the tools and systems that are available to you. As always we remain dedicated to serving you in any way possible.

And So It Is,



Thank you all for reading, Im looking forward to asking Kryon more questions in the future!

Todd Bryson

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