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Activating The Clairs

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

When I explore the Akashic Records, for myself or others, I am keenly aware of my psychic senses and call upon them individually or collectively to interpret what I encounter.

At the beginning of my journey, Aside from the occasional spiritual download, I didn't feel naturally gifted with any of these senses and I know those who read this may feel the same.

One day, while being coached by Emily Harrison the revelation was given that these senses were natural to me and could be strengthened and developed through practice. She provided me with the guidance I needed to allow me to understand what lay dormant within. At that moment, it became clear that my gifts were waiting and could be cultivated by focusing my energy and awareness on them.

Suddenly my competitive instincts kicked in and I began to challenge myself to become more proficient with each of my spiritual senses. Like a spiritual athlete, I began meditating and practicing techniques to improve my ability to perceive the subtle nuances of the Akash. I also developed a routine to invoke if I felt stuck during my explorations.

I stopped meditating just to meditate and I started meditating with the intention of developing specific psychic senses and this allowed me to make the most of my practice time. Gradually, each technique I employed became a part of my conscious awareness and opened up avenues to explore previously untapped states of being.

It took me only 15 weeks to go from believing that I had no special psychic abilities, to being able to perform full 90-minute Akashic readings for complete strangers who would often email me after wondering how. It has now been several years since I began this journey, and needless to say, my spiritual senses have developed significantly and are getting stronger every day.

For this post, we are going to be focusing on the big four which are clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance but please remember, In order for any of your spiritual gifts to work to their full potential, you need to learn how to consciously manage the unconscious parts of you. Meaning that these gifts are a combination of the conscious and subconscious systems that have survival duties to uphold but don't worry, as the creator, you can manipulate these systems to support your will in the now moment of your choosing.

So when you learn how to manage those aspects of yourself then you can begin to access these higher states of awareness on command.

Tell the linear parts of you that are plugged into the illusion to unfasten themselves and to be at peace. Ask them to come together in harmony and focus all of their attention on the retrieval of insight and the results will be more profound.

Please note that these are not superpowers but rather natural skills of energy navigation. With that being said before we continue, I encourage everyone who reads this article to repeat this affirmation... "I give myself permission to remember what resides within..." So Be It!


Clairvoyance, the gift of ‘clear seeing’, is the ability to perceive subtle energies and images through the third eye. A spiritual tool that allows you to peel back the veil to see, understand and interpret the many layers of reality.

I've found that those who are actively and openly clairvoyant were unconsciously using this gift and had a major revelation or change in perspective that allowed this ability to be used consciously and with purpose. How can I trigger this for you now?

To trigger this major change in perspective, it is important to explore your spirituality, engage in meditation and reflection, seek out teachers or mentors who can offer guidance and support, listen deeply to the messages of your intuition, and recognize and embrace the power of your inner vision. You need to be open to the possibility that you can see beyond the physical world and tap into a realm of information that is available to you but not always visible. Start by exploring the depths of your imagination, contemplating the various possibilities and ways in which this newfound knowledge could be used.

What Dulls it?

The biggest culprit for dulling your clairvoyance is ‘busy mind’ which can easliy be addressed with proper subconscious systems management. When our minds are constantly running from one thought to another, it can be difficult to focus and bring clarity of vision.

How to Enhance it:

- Tame the subconscious intelligences.

- Drink from the sun.

- Practice meditation regularly and focus on the visuals around you.

- Make use of divination tools such as tarot cards, runes, and pendulums.

- Exercise your imagination by visualizing various scenes, scenarios, and colors.

- Notice subtle changes in energy fields when interacting with people or objects.

- Perform rituals or ceremonies that can help you quiet the subconscious and connect with -the spiritual realms.


In my experience, Clair-knowing is the hardest trait to find, but those who have it, already know it : ). This gift allows for an inner ‘knowing’ that comes from the higher self, which cannot be explained in words and cannot be rationalized with logic "How do you know????"..."I just do!!!!"

Those that are Clair-knowing usually have strong faith and trust in their own intuition as it never seems to lead them astray. This inner knowing helps you trust and understand the messages that your soul is giving you because the barrier of belief is almost non-existent.

This is an important one to cultivate because those who have it, seem to have little to no resistance when manifesting because they already KNOW that their dreams and desires will come true which allows for purposeful, confident action to be taken without hesitation.

What Dulls it?

The biggest thing that dulls this gift is doubt and fear of the unknown. It also tends to happen when we allow our logical mind to take over and override our intuitive knowing.

How to Enhance it:

- Tame the subconscious intelligences.

- Drink from the sun.

- Be mindful of the thoughts and messages that come through to you.

- Take time each day to journal, meditate and pay attention to what resonates with you.

- Trust your intuition, and pay attention to the hunches or gut feelings you are receiving throughout the day.

- Practice decision-making by using both your logical and intuitive aspects.

- Visualize yourself surrounded by a field of knowledge and understanding that is available to you at any moment.


Clairsentience is defined as “clear feeling” and is the ability to sense energies beyond the physical realm. This is a gift that most have already opened and are using consciously. Why? Because feeling speaks for itself and can be the greatest teacher. It is much harder to ignore feelings than it is thoughts or visions.

I've found that most old souls I have sessions with are using this gift consciously and it has helped them become wise beyond their years. Clairsentience is not only beneficial for understanding the energy of a room or situation but also for understanding the emotions and feelings of others.

Trust your gut, trust your first intuitive impulse. Everything that comes after is your ego.

What Dulls it?

The biggest thing that can dull this gift is when we are so focused on the physical world we forget to feel and notice the subtle energies around us. It can also be dulled by taking on other people’s emotions as our own or feeling overwhelmed when there is a lot of energy in the environment.

How to Enhance it:

- Tame the subconscious intelligences.

- Drink from the sun.

- Use deep breathing techniques to open and clear your energy centers.

- Spend time in nature and observe the subtle shifts in energy that you feel when around certain elements.

- Explore various forms of energy healing such as Reiki and crystal healing.

- Practice psychometry by holding an object and sensing the energy of its past.

- Spend time listening to music or attending concerts to bring yourself into an altered state of being.

- Play games with your emotional body and practice triggering different emotions within yourself.

- Spend time with animals and observe the energy exchange between you and them.


Clairaudience or “psychic hearing” is defined by the ability to hear beyond what is heard with physical ears. Have you noticed disembodied voices recently or maybe environmental sounds without a source? Your clairaudience might already be opened to some degree if so.

I didn't know I was clairaudient until I sat in my dark living room from 2-4 am one night observing and studying every sound in my environment. I was trying to understand the sound of silence and all its nuances and overtones. That night I heard a voice whisper in the dark asking a very specific question "Who are you?" It scared me a bit at first but the excitement of exploring this newfound ability quickly replaced my fear.

What Dulls it?

The biggest thing that can dull this gift is our logical mind and the need for proof. It’s hard to accept what you hear if it doesn’t make sense logically or doesn’t line up with what we think we know. It can also be dulled by being in environments of loud noises, technology, and excess chatter.

How to Enhance It:

- Tame the subconscious intelligences.

- Drink from the sun.

- Start by opening yourself up to the possibility that you can hear beyond the physical realm and probably already are without knowing it.

- Explore and practice different forms of meditation such as deep listening and sensory deprivation.

- Reflect and journal on any sounds you begin to hear without a source.

- Pay attention to any subtle shifts in energy when experiencing sound.

- Start humming and making sounds with your body as a way to connect with Spirit

Activating your Clair psychic abilities is a powerful and rewarding journey. Learning how to consciously use these gifts can open up new perspectives, provide insight and awareness, and allow us to connect deeply with the spiritual realm. No matter where you are in your journey, remember to take your time and approach it with respect, love, and open-mindedness — all of which will help support you on your path of remembering what is yours.

Todd Bryson

Akashic Records Practitioner

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1 Comment

Nicole Cicco
Nicole Cicco
Jan 16, 2023

Spot on - amazing article, fellow Light bringer! Thank you so much for sharing your insights and answering the call of Spirit. I’m so glad you’re getting this information out there - your bravery is inspiring and sparks courage within me that I so desperately need. Speaking so openly, concisely, and confidently about these once taboo topics is really helpful to someone like me who has been hiding in the shadows waiting for the right energy to emerge. This is a call out to the “sleepers” saying that it’s okay to shine the Light that you know is within you. Thank you, Todd for paving the way and being a beacon of Light in the sea of darkness. Many blessings…

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