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Akashic Perspective Engineering

Hello everyone, I've been getting some education recently on a process known as 'akashic perspective engineering'. A sacred process that enables you to break through the inner reality you've established in order to bring forward a new one.

It's pretty complex and hard to linearize but let's dive in!

You are alive. You feel it. You think it must be real because others feel it too so you create a story about what it means that fits everyone's collective experience (consensus reality). This story forms your perspective and conditions you to accept the reality that you are experiencing. It's how you keep creators asleep. It helps us survive as a species in separation and you see this process at work every day of your life.

One day, you wake up and realize that maybe the story isn't quite right. Maybe there is more to life than this. So you begin to explore and ask questions. You read books, watch videos, find teachers, talk to like-minded people, and so on. You feel this new consciousness bubbling up inside of you as if it's a call from the heavens.

Your soul in the human suit will now be faced with a decision that is as ancient as universal consciousness itself. You can either decide to stay in the old limited perspective or you can choose to step into a multitude of new ones.

Will you continue to learn and explore more about who you are outside of the box? Or do you shut down and stay linear. One option allows you to remain engaged in the universe with limitations, the other allows you to become multidimensional and see everything for what it really is.

The choice is always yours, but the nature of your being is to acquire information and you are a master of shifting perspectives at your core. How could you turn back?

This is when things get really interesting... If you make the decision to wake up and stay awake, the DNA becomes active and the Akash gets busy bringing forward perspectives and experiences from different versions of you that will help you on your journey into the unknown.

It's a lot of fun, and the thirst to expand and absorb information from new angles will keep you busy.

This next part is important.

Until you remember how to properly utilize the space of the akashic records, something you have mastered many times over the course of your consciousness existence, your guides angels, and even cosmic selves will shuffle things around in order to assist on your journey to break through the density.

Remember, you are being asked to cram lifetimes' worth of healing into a mere decade in most cases. Its important to all parties involved that the healing takes place in an appropriate timely manner.

So let's take a look at the inner workings of this process, shall we?

The guides will help you navigate the akashic records and find alternate perspectives that better align with your consciousness expansion goals.

Maybe you need to absorb information in just the right way and the perspective you carried in a lifetime 300 years ago would bring the most context to the learning experience. The guides will illuminate that piece of your records and put you in front of the learning material.

Maybe the perspective and experience you acquired in an Egyptian lifetime would add to your understanding of how consciousness works with matter and reality. The guides will work in the Akash and bring that perspective forward if it meets the standard of your highest potential.

Maybe you had a difficult childhood and you've now reached a point where the acceleration of the healing process would be appropriate. The guides will open your Akash, find a life with a positive childhood experience, illuminate it in your field and significantly shorten the healing time.

The guides are doing this all by observing you and studying your intent. They are constantly calibrating, tweaking, and adjusting the akashic records to ensure that you have everything you need in order to make the most quantum leaps on your journey.

This process is why Old Souls experience perspective shifts so frequently. It's the product of an active Akash responding to a soul's conscious decision to wake up and stay awake.

As your Akash and DNA start working more efficiently, it starts to change the frequency of your physical body. Maybe you've noticed physical symptoms such as headaches, nausea, dizziness, and more. You are changing the frequency of your body in order to match the new consciousness frequency you are anchoring from the Akash.

If these symptoms become present, movement in the Akash could be to blame.

Here's the thing though, the guides won't always be involved in this process, not in the way they are now at least. They work relentlessly toward getting you to the point where you can consciously mine the Akash on your own, with full authority.

Once you reach that point, the guides will step back and allow you to navigate your own consciousness existence. tailoring your reality as you see fit. It's beautiful.

From the consciousness universal intelligence perspective, you are directing and programming the atoms of your body to change the frequency in order to match the new consciousness frequency you are anchoring.

Pretty amazing.

This is consciousness engineering at its finest, where consciousness itself becomes the engineer and uses the power of intent to manipulate reality in a way that serves consciousness. This means that you can study yourself, see what you would like to add or subtract from your life and place an order with the Akash to bring that experience or memory to the forefront of your consciousness.

Pretty soon, all memories will be available to you in an instant, and because you are now aware of the process, you can direct yourself towards the experiences and perspectives that will benefit your consciousness evolution most. What do you want to learn? What do you want to experience? Which perspective will help you expand the most?

Maybe you want to rid yourself of fear, go into the Akash, and bring forward the fearless you.

Maybe you'd like to learn in a different way, enter the Akash, and discover your past self who was good at learning.

Perhaps you want to connect with more love in your life, call forward a version of you who could do that easily, and meld that experience into your field.

Maybe you wish to be more inventive, explore the Akash for a period when you were extremely creative, then comes the idea and revelation you were looking for.

Maybe you want to be happier, go into the Akash, and explore a version of you that was innately happy and bask in that warmth until it fuses with the now.

Perhaps you would like to experience more Oneness, go into the Akash and discover a life when you were effortlessly one with all and take notes.

And it's not all about past life Earth experience either, oh no, the Akash contains all future potential and you can jump quantum jump into any of them at will. Where has your soul been besides Gaia? Maybe that experience has value :)

Remember you are one with everything. All souls in existence are collecting shared data. Universal intelligence can be explored and used to expand consciousness. It's already happening. With your free will, communicate the intent to your Akash and enjoy a new perspective as the experience comes alive in your field.

This is how a multidimensional being navigates reality. This is consciousness engineering. From the universal intelligence perspective, it is all possible and available to you. Ask the records to initiate a remembrance of what is already yours.

After you create a moment in time where your intentions, from the heart, are communicated to the Akash, leave that place differently understanding how the universe works to support manifestation and consciousness evolution and stay in alignment with that.

It's time for you and me to go into the Akash with purpose, knowing that we are the engineers of reality and all is possible.

This is the way family,

Todd Bryson - Akashic Records Practitioner

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