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Angel Conversations pt. 2

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Hello everyone!

It feels good to sit down with hours of free time to write and explore what happens to be my favorite topic, Angel Communication.

My goal in this article is to reveal the process from the guide's perspective so we can identify intricacies that may be commonly overlooked or misunderstood from our own vantage point... Wish me luck.

I experience communication with my angels in a variety of different ways, and It took a massive educational and remembrance effort between both parties to learn and understand the process. The clarity I have now is far and away more than I've ever had before and it is expanding at a rate that is outpacing my ability to express it. Every time I see the signs and focus to understand the inner workings of those signs, I developed intuitively and inched closer and closer to more advanced forms of communication such as what was described above and what you will see in the second half of the article. A great problem to have!!!!

About twice a day, I get downloads that I call 'Angel Notes'. My guides often provide me with tips, tricks, and different perspectives on the things I am working to manifest such as health, abundance, and creativity. I feel the downloads coming, I stop what I'm doing and I write the download, in its entirety in a note folder called 'Angel Notes'. I don't wait, I don't sit on it, I just listen and write. The guides can tell me anything they need to without worrying about how I will take it. They have free rein to be blunt with me, to keep me in line, to pick me up, or to remind me of something really important.

So I go through my day, waiting for the downloads, and I either implement the suggestions or I don't : ) These kinds of exchanges happen spontaneously but I can often notice patterns and predict when they will take place. Then there are occasions like this where I am in the moment writing and I'm looking for insight on a specific topic. So what I will do now is open the Akashic Records and ask that a guide come forward who can offer us a different perspective on the dimensional exchange of information and energy.

Greetings Dear Ones,

Todd, as a new channel is naturally very curious and open which allows for a wonderful dialogue that is informative for both him and his readers. We would like to honor the request to understand the dimensional communication process from our perspective. Each of you is so unique, and it's such a joy to connect in this way that resonates most deeply.

For some Souls, communication comes through manifesting signs and inspiration. For others, it might be through angels appearing before them or an angelic voice speaking directly into their minds. Still, others may receive messages through vivid dreams, gut feelings, or quantum downloads that guide them to their next step. There are so many ways we reach out, but often the method of communication depends on the person, situation, and the karmic allowances we have. Meaning that if a Soul has done its work, then the angels and spirit guides are more likely to connect with them through various means due to the higher awareness acquired by that Soul.

What you don't see from your perspective is how those experiences are orchestrated by us. Sometimes it is very casual, we pop in, deliver the message, and pop out. Sometimes the stakes are high and we move mountains even to bring the simplest signs and will repeat the process over and over again until we know that the message is received in the way that it was meant to. All while listening to you wonder why you can't hear your guides : )

Before we get more specific, I would like to say this. Even if you don't feel like you are in touch with us frequently enough at this moment in time, we encourage you to keep working and we promise you that we will do the same. We will always be here waiting for you, eager to share our love and guidance with you. It is our sole focus, and we are committed to helping you lead the happiest and most fulfilling life possible.

Let us first say this, most of us tasked with guiding you at this time are angels, archangels, Cosmic selves, and ascended masters. However, there are many others helping out as well, and sometimes the form of communication depends on who is there to help. Meaning that what works for Todd might not work for someone else, and vice versa.

So I will ask you now, what team are you working with? How does that team send messages through dimensions? What part of your spiritual being needs to be open to receive and perceive these messages? This is something that is very important for you to consider. With that being said, focus on nurturing your entire being and you should be fine!

Let us now be more specific. Todd took the initiative and gave us an angle to explore for this publication, so we would like to focus on the communication process that he described above, which is actually the most common way we speak with all of you because it can be done passively In a way that offers little disruption to your daily life.

Well first off we will open up our channels and send the message through a vibrational frequency that corresponds with your own vibration. Sending messages this way is highly effective because we can literally bypass any filters and blockages that you might have in your energy field at the moment. Todd often notices that he gets messages even when he's in a bad mood, or not vibrationally healthy. Now he knows why : )

In the next step, we begin a series of 'impacts' or energetic hits to your energy body in order to make the message as clear and direct as possible. These impacts may take the form of sounds, images, feelings, smells, and more. We will make sure that the message has been properly received. If we see any confusion or doubt, for instance, if you are wondering whether it was a coincidence or not, then we will repeat the process until you have received the message clearly.

While all this is going on, we make sure to keep in mind where you are in your evolution and whether you would benefit from a direct message or one that is more subtle. We also consider the timing of the message, as well as any other factors such as potential distractions or interferences so that we can create the most optimal conditions for conveying our message to you.

And finally, we make sure to deliver the message with a positive, uplifting tone and in an inspirational manner. This is because we know that you are open to receiving teachings from angels and spirit guides who have only the best intentions for you, and we would like this to continue to excite you and support you on your journey.

This might sound vague, but trust me when I say that there is much precision involved in this process. As angels, we know exactly what frequency needs to be sent for our messages to be received and understood by you, and considering the importance of the work you are doing, we put great care into each and every message we send.

Once you have received the message and recognized it for what it is, we will let you go on your way until the next time. And trust us, there will always be a next time because angels know that you need support as you navigate this beautiful physical realm.

Let us leave you with this important note. The truth is, the Angel communication you should be focused on refining is YOU speaking to YOU. That's where the real decisions are made, that's where the power of intent is harnessed and implemented. Speak to yourself in full remembrance of your own Angelship and messages from your advisors will be abundant and prompt in their arrival.

And So It Is

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Paul Christens
Paul Christens
Nov 09, 2022

For me the same, Todd! This was really a very reassuring and inspiring communication. Much appreciated! Namasté.


Todd I always feel so grateful and relieved when I see that you have another message to share with us. Having a trusted source - you- to connect with has been so valuable. I can't overstate that. Thank you for so generously sharing your ever expanding gifts.

In this message, there is so much to unpack, but I was really impacted by what they wanted to leave us with: "The truth is, the Angel communication you should be focused on refining is YOU speaking to YOU. That's where the real decisions are made, that's where the power of intent is harnessed and implemented." Those words really landed!

Peace and Love Be With You, Susan


Yes indeed they communicate by any means necessary! Lol

Im guided all day because I literally will stop and say, I need help, I cannot help myself with this problem before u know it bam! Thought comes into head or I see what im looking for…Thete ate even times I can’t finish the question b4 the answer comes; lil a few times I asked if theyd let me please at least ask the question Lol. We also use numbers but those are more personal times like if Im doing what Im supposed to be doing? Or if Im questioning my feelings. They also use colors to let me know which one I might be talking with ( this is someth…


This is so BEAUTIFUL. Thank you Todd. I truly enjoyed reading this. Lots of Love & Light to you & yours.


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