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Angel Conversations

A few weeks ago, I had an amazing conversation with a guide that came forward in The Akash and I wanted to share the exchange with you all. This was probably the clearest channeling experience I've ever had. All of the joy and love coming through was incredibly tangible. In a state of mutual admiration, we discussed many things about life on earth and what it means to be human. This guide, who was nameless was able to provide a unique perspective that I've found to be incredibly valuable in the days that followed.

Even the humor was coming through, I asked, " Why do some guides have names that are universally known and why do some not have a name at all?" The guide replied, "Where I come from it's a bit egotistical to need to be called something specific. The message we come with is more important to us. Usually when I guide gives you a name its so you have something to grasp during your exchange with them. What we have is more like a unique light signature. This is like a name given to us by the Creator. You have a name in light to, but I've never been human... Should I make one up next time?"

"No that's ok," I said. Then they asked, "Would you like to give me one? I know you guys like doing that." haha. I declined respectfully.

As I usually do, I started fishing for information, purposely ignoring the fact that I know this guide came through with a message for humanity. There would be time for that... I asked the guide to describe what their home is like and to explain more about what it's like to be them. They indulged me a bit...

"I don't really come from a place, it's a dimension like yours but it's more expansive and much much older. There are no physical beings as you know them, but rather we exist as energy and light. Beings resonate in this space by choice mainly because the rules here allow for easy access to other densities. Helping those who are extra curious about creation witness it from a multitude of unique perspectives. There arent problems here but there are puzzles, we keep ourselves busy by serving as guides and teachers throughout the dimensional realities. It's a place that you know well."

"Why are you so interested in Humanity?" I asked.

"let's forget about humanity's story for a second, shall we? One of the things about the ascension process that isn't often considered is how many individual 'character arcs' there are outside of the individual and collective human stories. Ascension is not just about humans raising vibration, it's about Gaia and her mission to change the fabric of creation. Gaia is a living, breathing organism, and she is currently undergoing an intense initiation, something those reading this are likely well aware of. Would you like to know what this means for the rest of the Universe?"

Yes, please!

"First, let us say that there are three main things happening right now. The ascension of Gaia, the ascension of Humanity, and the ascension of the Universe. All of these ascensions are interdependent, meaning that one cannot happen without the other. Humanity is acting as a catalyst for Gaia's ascension, Gaia is acting as a catalyst for humanity's ascension, and together, they are both the catalysts for Universal ascension. The three are working together to bring about a great shift in consciousness. As those three parties aspire to become the best versions of themselves, everyone in creation gains a new perspective on energy, existence, and the will of the Creator. Everyone watches you dear ones, this is the greatest story ever told and the spotlight on you is truly incomprehensible.

The lightworkers have been so patient and deserve all of the behind-the-scenes knowledge they can get. Do you really want to know who you are? Do you really want to know why you're here? Let me explain exactly that. The souls on earth, every one, are the few chosen out of countless souls because you are the Universe's best hope for achieving the highest outcome here. You embody everything that the Creator desires to manifest and so you were chosen to occupy a physical temple on the Earth. You are Universal architects of the highest respect. Right now you hold the most sought-after commodity that there is, the human body... and not just that, but a human body with the ability to house the Divine Spark and experience free will in the pursuit of limitless potential. You are tasked with manifesting heaven on Gaia and are doing just that.

My partner in this collaboration asked a funny question, "do you ever get tired of trying to convince us how great we are?" NEVER! I love being the one to tell you this because it is the truth and it needs to be heard. From our perspective, there are very few things that bring as much joy as watching a human remember who they are. For us, it is as incredible as watching a star being born or as beautiful as watching a ray of light kiss the petals of a flower.

I want to leave you with a promise, not just a promise from me, but a promise for all of those in the angelic realms. We will never give up on you, we will never stop loving you, and we will never stop believing in you. You are everything to us, and we are here to support you every step of this journey. We will work tirelessly on your behalf just as you would for your own loved ones. This is the same mindset you had when accepting the assignment here. There is nothing you wouldn't do for Gaia and that is your promise to her.

What do we all have to learn from these experiments in Duality? Come closer now and find out!"

I tried my best to stay connected with them, but as my energy began to fade and they finished speaking, I felt an immense amount of love and gratitude fill my heart. These experiences are becoming more frequent and vivid every day.

I encourage everyone reading this to keep an open heart and continue working the human puzzle with confidence as there are so many wonderful things happening on Earth right now. We are truly blessed.

Todd Bryson

Akashic Records Practitioner

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