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Answers From an Angel pt. 3

Hello everyone,

This is personal guidance and understanding I channeled from one of my Angel guides Quin, who you may already know. I wasn't planning on sharing it but I thought that it might be eye-opening for some to see how our guides work to fulfill what we ask. Please enjoy!

Quin, I've been getting flashes of past lives recently outside of the normal setting in which I experience them. The flashes seem to be triggered by circumstance and come with charged emotions. Why is this happening now?

"How exciting and well-deserved! It's heartening to see you progress!

As the veil thins between the spiritual and physical, your soul is more receptive to the echoes of the past because of opening and working in the Akash. These past life 'flashes' serve a greater purpose outside of just remembrance as you know.

Take the recent past life glimpse you had, for instance, the one that saw you putting shoes on your son. This wasn't a random occurrence. It was arranged by your guides to fulfill your request to maximize your ability to appreciate your time with your son.

The vision you had that day took you back over two millennia, to a touching moment of farewell before departing for war. Your son, blissfully unaware of the gravity of the situation, simply wished for his father's help with his shoes so he could engage in play. Fast forward to the present, where time is no longer a scarce commodity, and you now understand the profound importance of cherishing every moment in a deeper way because it is further embedded in you.

This vision brought to the forefront of your consciousness the gift of perspective. With this perspective, you can now approach your current relationships with a renewed appreciation and make the most out of every precious moment.

The solution, dear one, to so many problems is simply perspective, and in linearity, that can be hard to acquire but in the quantum field, it is easily obtained and applied."

I appreciate you taking the time to read this. I wanted to share how happy it makes me to realize that when I ask the universe for certain things, like a deeper sense of appreciation, my requests are acknowledged and efforts are made to fulfill them. It's important for you to know that your voice is also heard, and your guides are likely hard at work fulfilling your desires. Keep believing and stay positive! 😊


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I love these Angel answer posts! They are reassuring and helpful for navigating these times and experiences! Thank you so much Todd!

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