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Finding The Next Level

On your path of ascension, you might have noticed that when it comes time to level up, the outdated versions resist these changes and cling to you at all costs, almost as if they are fighting to survive, and indeed they are.

"Why leave fast food behind it's so easy?" "Why not watch pornography one last time, what could it hurt?" "Just one more drink it's the only thing that will help us unwind!" "Let the negative thoughts run free, they have a good point after all!!!" etc.

As frustrating as this may be, it is a necessary part of the system. We are constantly evaluating and distinguishing the difference between what we are and what we are not after all, and we must go through the resistance, and the pushback to truly identify what it is we are preparing to step into.

The positive aspect of such transitional phases is that they tend to make apparent the things that were once thoroughly hidden. These things no longer serve us, and we are being urged by the Universe to move beyond them. In other words, it's a decision only you can make, stay in the old phase and continue to learn, or move into the new and unlock new versions.

I have made a list of things that I tend to gravitate toward when going through a period of change. The great thing about learning how the old ways attempt to pull you back is that when you get an increase in any of the experiences listed below, you can quickly realize "Oh, I must be leveling up." and you can move forward without giving the old attention it hasn't earned.

I hope this is helpful!

Resurfacing Negative Thoughts: When about to level up, you might begin to experience a surge of self-doubt, negative self-image, or pessimism that was characteristic of your previous self.

I have been struggling with negative thinking that has been part of my subconscious mind for most of my life. These thought patterns were probably developed as a means of control and survival, but it's important to let them know that they no longer serve that purpose. Instead, I am working towards embracing a new identity that values positive perspectives and love.

A desire for Old Comfort Zones: You may feel an intense yearning to return to old routines, habits, or environments that no longer serve your growth.

Comfort zones can be beneficial as they allow us to reflect and feel secure. However, they can hinder personal growth when we need to venture into uncharted territory. I hesitated to get on camera to make the videos the way I do now because I was afraid of being judged. I eventually realized it was a comfort zone I needed to push past to share my thoughts and connect with more people.

Increased Cravings: There can be an increase in cravings for things like junk food, alcohol, or other substances that you've been trying to avoid or limit.

My family has a history of addiction and I used to feel proud that I didn't follow that pattern. However, addiction isn't just about substances and can appear in other ways. Something that used to feel good and relieve stress can become a crutch and a problem. It's important to maintain control over what you consume and not let it take over your life. Don't sacrifice for future self for short-term satisfaction.

Procrastination: The old you might try to sabotage progress by encouraging procrastination and avoidance of tasks that contribute to your personal development.

For most of my adult life, I have lived by the motto of "play first, work second," but I've realized that procrastination can make our leisure time joyless when we should be working instead. So, taking care of our responsibilities first and enjoying the relaxation without guilt is better.

Rationalizing Poor Choices: Your mind may start creating justifications for making choices that aren't aligned with your new path.

I find it hard to make decisions and often opt for the simplest choice, which makes it difficult for me to take on new challenges. When I justify bad decisions, it's usually because I'm afraid of the unknown. It's crucial to recognize this fear and deliberately take steps to move forward, even if it means selecting a more challenging route.

A resurgence of Toxic Relationships: People from your past who didn't support your growth might reappear, tempting you to fall back into an unhealthy, low-frequency dynamic.

I do not have any toxic relationships at the moment, but there are people I used to be close to who I have distanced myself from over time. As we become more in tune with our strengths and goals, certain individuals may attempt to hinder our progress and bring us back to familiar, less challenging circumstances. It's important to be attentive and not allow them to succeed in this endeavor.

Disruption of New Habits: You might find maintaining new positive habits like regular exercise, healthy eating, or mindfulness practices harder.

As our cells change, developing new habits is important, but lack of time is a major challenge. Somehow we need to incorporate these health practices into our busy schedules. Watch out for negative self-talk that dredges up the idea that time constraints make productivity impossible. Instead, try breaking tasks down into smaller steps, delegating some tasks, and finding new approaches for adding movement into your daily routine.

Fear of Success: As strange as it sounds, fear of success is real. The old version of yourself might plant doubts about whether you're worthy of achieving your goals.

I find it peculiar that sometimes I don't feel deserving of success, despite my strong desire to achieve it. This fear causes me to make unwise choices and hinder my progress. I have realized that success is not an endpoint, but rather a continuous endeavor.

Doubting Your Spiritual Growth: Lastly, you may start questioning your spiritual journey or progress, leading to feelings of stagnation or regression.

The journey of personal growth can be difficult and lengthy. I may become frustrated when I compare my progress to others and feel like I'm not advancing. However, thinking back to when I first started my journey and how much I have grown since then reminds me that I am improving at my own pace.

Anyway, I hope this helps. Let it be known from here on out it is you against you. How high will you climb? How fast will you grow? How far will you go? Whatever you decide, I wish you the best of luck.

Todd Bryson

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2 comentarii

Thank you very much for this article Todd. I have experienced all of these at some point and continue to touch in from time to time. How affirming to know that it is a part of the process and to try not to beat ourselves up over it. To love the journey and ultimately forgive the parts of us that cling to ‘the old’


Thank you Todd. All thosr points you raise, resonate with me, particularly stagnation on my spiritual journey. I have come far and everything happens in divine timing.

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