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Forming Angel Partnerships

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Hello everyone!!!

In my time as an akashic records practitioner, I've noticed that souls sometimes maintain a close bond with specific angels. This is often a partnership that has been formed with a common objective, meaning that the angel and soul are united in helping each other reach a common goal and have the complementary skillsets and experience to do so.

Sometimes the partnership is at the forefront of their experience, and the soul is working with these angels directly. Sometimes the partnership is happening on a subconscious level and it is my absolute pleasure in session to bring the partnership into the immediate awareness so that the collaboration can expand and deepen.

These partnerships can take many forms; sometimes it's through a one-off project, or sometimes the angels join the soul for life or even lifetimes and it becomes an ongoing source of guidance and assistance. The beautiful thing about these partnerships is that they are available to all of us, regardless of our beliefs or backgrounds. All one needs to do is be open and receptive and the angels will come knocking on your door with a lifetime of wisdom in tow.

Sometimes the most beneficial partnerships are formed through dialogue, working together side-by-side in order to establish a mutual understanding; other times it can simply be by allowing yourself to receive the love and support that these angels have for you unconditionally.

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that A. if you are reading this you are probably already working in collaboration with angels on some level, and B. If this collaboration is happening without your knowing involvement I would love to offer you some insight on how to change that to the conscious collaborative partnership you've always wanted.

It just takes an open heart, a little intent, and some know-how.

Something you should know about the angels is that often their being able to come in and take action requires us to observe a situation in this dimensional space, a situation we are directly involved in or not, and having the spiritual knowledge to invoke them to bring correction to the imbalance that has been observed.

Got it? In other words, it's like the angels are the Creators' employees (They work for you) So the moment you, as the boss, observe something that needs correction, bring it to mind and offer your intention to these angels in whatever form feels right for you (prayer, ritual, etc.) and give them permission to act. They are like prized stallions waiting at the starting gates and all they need is permission to run.

Don't wait, take the initiative. Forge the partnership with worthiness and intent, and observe the transformations that occur.

Angels are assigned unique clearance and competencies, meaning that what one angel can do another might not. The most successful way to call upon an angel is by asking for their presence based on the need; if you're cognizant of the task ahead, it's likely there exists a divine being who will aid in its completion. Meaning that no matter what you are trying to accomplish, the angelic realm has an expert in its workforce.

For future reference here are some along with their specialties:

Archangel Michael: This angel is known as a protector and specializes in offering strength, courage, and protection.

Archangel Gabriel: This angel is known for communicating messages from God and helping with creativity, childbearing, and fertility.

Archangel Raphael: Raphael is the healer of the archangels and is often thought of as the guardian of travelers.

Archangel Uriel: Uriel is considered to be an angel of divine wisdom and enlightenment who helps with life direction and inspiration.

Archangel Zadkiel: As an angel of mercy, Zadkiel helps people find inner peace, kindness, forgiveness, and compassion in difficult times.

Angel Chamuel: Chamuel is the angel of unconditional love that can help with finding lost items or connecting with people on a deeper level through unconditional love.

Angel Metatron: Metatron serves as a link between humans and God's energy realm, helping us make greater spiritual connections in our lives.

Angel Azrael: Azrael helps souls ascend to higher realms after death but also assists in other ways such as healing depression or helping understand complex concepts better

Angel Sandalphon: Sandalphon uses his creative energies to help manifest desires into reality by strengthening determination and clarity about goals

Angel Haniel: Haniel serves as a bridge between heavenly guidance and earthly needs by aiding in decision-making with an intuitive understanding

There is a vast array of angels, each possessing unique skills and talents. Therefore, if you are looking to enlist the assistance of any particular angelic being, it's suggested that you dig deeper into their work by connecting with and researching them.

Ultimately, forming the partnership is just like creating any other kind of relationship – there needs to be faith, trust, and communication. With an open heart and a willingness to receive their loving guidance, you can create the collaborative partnership you desire.

Many of you, have healed to a point where it's time for you to turn your attention outward and use all the tools, resources, and knowledge available to start healing our world and I want you to know that there are relationships with angels that can be expanded, explored and formed in this now moment to bring about a more balanced, peaceful and harmonious experience for all.

Here are 10 different angels partnerships that you can form:

  1. Education partnership - Establish a partnership with the angels based on learning and teaching. The angels love offering new perspectives when given the chance. Collaborate together to utilize the gift of knowledge to bring light.

  2. Healing partnership - Invoke the angels when you see healing work to be done. Not just limited to your own healing, give the angels permission to access this dimension and send them out on missions to heal.

  3. Environmental partnership - As stewards of the earth, we have access to all the resources we need to keep Gaia healthy and happy. Collaborating with angels in these efforts is a great way to ask for help and add extra protection around the planet.

  4. Poverty alleviation partnership - Work with the angels to open the gates of abundance for all who have been denied access to it. The angels understand the true nature of poverty and know what it takes to break free.

  5. Social partnership - Work with the angels to identify imbalances in the social structures and hold space for corrective frequencies to be introduced.

  6. Training Partnership - Call forward angels to help you develop new skills and understanding of yourself and what you have to offer the world around you. Esoteric or not.

  7. Creative Partnership - Open the gates for creative collaboration between yourself and the angels. They can offer you the chance to tap into new realms of inspiration and understanding that would be unavailable otherwise.

  8. Manifestation Partnership - Allow the Angels in for manifesting ideas into reality that allows you to stretch and grow in whatever way you'd like.

  9. Interpretation Partnership - Receive unconditional love and guidance from angels through interpreting messages received by symbols, signs or dreams. Allowing them to come through in this way will help you understand your place in the universe.

  10. Resonance partnership - Tap into the wisdom of the angels to create a vibration that resonates with your divine purpose. They can help you identify the frequency that will bring forth the highest potential of your being.

I will leave you now with this, don't wait for the partnership to be formed for you, form the partnership. Do this by observing a need and having the spiritual awareness to call for help. There are no limits to the collaboration that can be formed and I wish you the best as you explore these new partnerships. With love and light.

Todd Bryson

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