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Intuitive Guidance Activation

Hello everyone, I wanted to take the opportunity to provide affirmations to help you manifest a powerful and purposeful day.

The affirmations that follow are designed to amplify your intuition. Think of yourself as the programmer of your own reality. You have the power to choose the words that will become part of your inner dialogue and shape how you view yourself, your world, and the possibilities that lie ahead.

Affirmations are positive statements that can be used to reprogram the subconscious mind and create a new reality. These statements, when repeated regularly, can rewire our brains and create new neural pathways, which in turn shape our beliefs and behaviors with the ultimate goal of aligning with the positive outcomes our hearts desire.

It is important to remember that affirmations are an investment in yourself and your future. They take time and effort to be effective. Think of it this way. You have two paths, one that includes affirmations and one that doesn't. The one that doesn't leaves you at the mercy of your subconscious mind's programming and beliefs, while the one that does puts you at the wheel to create the best version of yourself.

Before you read the list of affirmations below, I want to help you align with the energies of your akashic records. Think of your records as the control room of your existence, full of potential and possibility. Affirmations while aligned with the energies of the Akash will ultimately help you manifest much faster because your subconscious systems go into edit mode automatically!

That's why people sometimes feel vibrant for a few days after sessions in the Akash : )

Let's align with the energies of the Akash now by taking 3 long deep breaths in and out and after the third breath, make the statement "My Akashic Records are open" take 3 more deep breaths and read the affirmations below.

I am unapologetically living authentically

I am embracing the power of being myself

I am living and breathing love

I am thankful for all the opportunities in my life

I am filled with joy and peace every day

I am tapping into my inner wisdom to manifest abundance

I am relying on my intuition to make decisions that are aligned with my highest good

I am courageous enough to follow my heart’s desires without fear or judgement

I am listening to the wisdom of my inner voice

I am brave enough to make decisions based on my intuition

I am connected to my true self and allowing it to guide me

I am open to exploring new possibilities and trusting that all is happening for the highest

I am grounded in the present moment and living life with awareness and love

I am consciously creating a life that is meaningful and fulfilling

I am trusting in myself and embracing changes with grace

I am courageous enough to take risks and confidently stand in my truth

I am devoted to honoring my needs and desires

I am worthy of love and acceptance, no matter what

I have the strength to listen, trust and follow the guidance of my inner voice.

Thank you all for participating. I wake up every day and ask myself "how can I be of service today?" I'm grateful that you are reading this today and I hope it serves you in the way myself and the guides intended.

Todd Bryson


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