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It's Time to Get Excited Again!

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Think back, Old Soul, to the time of your awakening. Remember the sense of clarity you felt, the excitement of learning new things, and your eagerness to explore the unknown. This is what helped you begin on your path toward ascending and fulfilling your soul’s mission during this shift.

So what happened to that excitement? Does it still remain or has it faded? Maybe things haven't turned out the way it was described to you?

At times on the path of an Old Soul, we have to check ourselves. Not because we stray from our path and are pulled back into the illusion, but because we let our excitement slip away and succumb to boredom... but here's the thing about boredom... It's easy. What's hard is Self-motivation, accountability, and personal action.

Easy rarely gets you anywhere and very few things can get you as excited as results. No Angel, ET, Ascended master, or Spirit guide will carry the weight of your potential for you and the Universe can only offer you so much encouragement. If you want something better and or different than what you have, the Universe will support you in manifesting that. However, you must take action and find a way to remain excited about the potential created from that action. It's a Universal Law.

Have you ever heard about the Cosmic law of Creation?

...."We are all one with this Universe but we must be active participants and the makers of our own destiny. Things don’t simply just happen, we must put our energy out there to bring them to us...." Source

If you're not sure where to begin, start with what you know, and work out from there. It's important that you take the first step. Once you are moving, momentum will take over. Many people are unhappy because they are bored. They have the same old routine every day, even though their life could be so much more exciting.

So ask yourself this deeply important question, is life happening to you or are you happening to life?

Do you see the difference?

You can only change your life by changing yourself. Even though it should, the world will not roll out the red carpet for you, it is what it is. But you can make a choice to be different, to be better, to be happier.

Wanna know what else responds to action? The Akash!

Your intentions, wishes, aspirations, and desires matter to the Universe. So what happens Akashicly when you take action? As an old soul, The Akash sees your intention and the energy you produce through action and puts you into alignment with a version of you that will help you fulfill the intention behind said action. That was a mouthful.

The biggest thing that has changed for me over the last year + has been my ability to take action when the odds are stacked against me energetically. Im too tired, I've had a long day. What's the point? Will I get the results I want or be disappointed again? This is where the self-work comes in, do I buy into those self-doubts or prove them wrong and take action anyway. I am now able to see my energy levels, what's running me down and I can make changes on the fly.

This is not something I was born with, this is a learned trait that manifested only after taking action despite motivational deterrents (no time, no money, no energy, no creativity, no passion). These issues still remain but my psyche is no longer responsive to them, and if I do decide that hanging out doing nothing is the best thing for me to do that day, I don't beat myself up for it.

Some believe that taking action creates resistance and pulls you out of alignment with what is meant to be. Some believe that it's only through action that they will fulfill their purpose.

It's all a game of potential. Remember, the farmer cant reap the rewards of a successful harvest without first planting the seeds and creating the perfect conditions to nurture them. The farmer decided what seed to plant, took action, and understood that learning along the way was an enjoyable part of the process.

The truth is, there are very few things in the Universe that are as exciting as being an Old Soul who's akashicly loaded with experience during a shift in consciousness. So get on board with who you really are and what you're capable of.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb

Todd Bryson

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