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Master of Realities

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

You are an infinite creator being who has taken on physical form to experience a specific set of conditions that would allow you to explore the infinite nature of creation and consciousness without any previous expectations. Right now you are raising your consciousness to transcend these conditions by deleting limiting beliefs acquired by them. All with the goal of taking what you've learned in separation and applying it to everything else you know about existence so you can better comprehend your own.

Sounds easy enough!

Beliefs are like filters that determine what you're able to see and experience in the Universe. Change your beliefs, change your experience. They can come from your immediate experiences and can even carry over from past lives. The tough part is identifying which belief is causing what limitation to show up in your life. Then you have to go through the process of reprogramming yourself so that that belief is no longer a part of your default subconscious function.

So let's start with the big belief. Do you believe that you are more than simply a physical body? If the answer is yes, then you have the potential to leave linear consciousness and enter into quantum consciousness. It was an enormous task to convince you that flesh is all you are, and it is an even larger task somehow to get you to remember the truth. This shift in perspective is what allows us to access infinite realities. Not just access them, but create them from scratch depending on what energy you want to generate or what scenario you want to experience.

The idea that we are confined to this physical world is what keeps us in a linear perspective, far from the abundance of quantum reality that is right at our fingertips. This is what the illusion does by design and is very good at it. A little too good some might say.

So how does one make this shift? it seems so simple, just let go of limitations and accept that there is more right? Just let go, win the game, and be done with it?

Here's the thing about the physicality illusion, everyone is already witnessing different dimensions all of the time and has been since the moment they were born. We do this with our dreams, with our imagination, with our intuition, and even when we are just spacing out thinking about people, places, and things in our life, simulating the anticipated results of engaging with those things. It's happening in plain sight, That's why it's hard, you have to change your perspective on something you're already so conditioned to dismiss as pretend and inconsequential. It takes time.

It requires deep healing, deprogramming, and willingness to see things differently to trigger remembrance of what is possible beyond the limits, and it takes remembrance to trigger the change in perspective that will allow you to see that the realities you've already been accessing are more real than the illusion you pretend is.

Your imagination, a creator of realities is an energy factory, you can go into your imagination, create positive energy and broadcast it into physical reality for yourself or for others. This energy exchange can't happen with the belief filter intact because the rules of separation don't allow it. The energy knows if you understand what it is, the energy knows if you're in doubt. So the belief must be dissolved for It to flow through and change things on a physical level.

What separates those who are walking in their multidimensional awareness from those who aren't is simply perspective. Limiting beliefs are a perspective suppressor. The ones who are linear can glimpse the dimensions as they passively appear, but they can't comprehend their importance and can't see how to engage with them. The ones who are multidimensional have had the revelations about their importance and remembered how to engage with those realities because they understand that everything is energy.

Once you've had this epiphany, your senses start to react to your creativity differently, and you gain the capacity to create anything and immerse yourself in it for pleasure or necessity. You slowly realize that you're not just a body, but an infinite creator being and you have never, even for a second, stopped creating realities... It's what you do, you've just been doing it through the lens of separation for a very long time.

Something else happens, your guides and higher self can utilize the removal of these separation filters to take you on trips through the multiverse any time they want, and they will because they want you to continue to admire creation from all perspectives they can bring forward. Something they can't do when the belief filters are in place because it cuts off your connection to them.

The third eye may open and structure the most vivid experiences imaginable when you remove the pretend filter. When your usual physical senses integrate into those realities, you can feel, see, taste, smell, and touch other dimensions as if they were yours. You'll be taken to different places, shown different things, taken into past lives, and you'll even be shown your future potential.

Learn to focus your intent, learn to hold your awareness, and learn to create situations that will stimulate you're being so that you can immerse yourself deeper. Open yourself to the potential, then learn how to focus your will to acquire it.

In summary, when you leave the "I am a physical body and this imagination of mine is inconsequential" and enter into "I am a multidimensional being of light and I can use my imagination to generate and harvest any energy into my life" you have become a master of realities and a co-creator with the divine. Maybe you aren't as far away as you thought. Maybe it was just a belief that you were... Now that you know, what will you do with this information? What reality will you create next? The choice is always yours, Creator.

Todd Bryson

Akashic Records Practitioner

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