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Mechanisms of Healing

I've spent a lot of time in recent months talking about the breakthroughs I've had in terms of consciously leaving the linear realm, a place I happen to love dearly. However, I don't often discuss the failures and frustrations that propelled me to those breakthroughs and I feel called to discuss them now. So let's explore one of those disappointments, *cough* I mean learning experiences.

I recently got the urge to meditate, so I put everything aside and I sat down with the intention of entering an altered state... and I did! The visuals came instantly and with very little effort. So far so good! I dug myself in anticipating a special ride through the cosmos...BUT, that isn't what happened at all.

For some reason, my subconscious mind took me out of that experience without even asking me...real considerate. It took me a few minutes to even realize that I was no longer floating through dimensions, I was in the mind space replaying a trauma I experienced over the past year... Something I thought I had thoroughly made peace with.

I was confused. I was disappointed and expressed my frustration to my guidance team in detail.

..."How can I grow and try new things If I am always healing and never healed?"...

Valid question my family, valid question. I'm good enough as I am to have any experience I choose to pursue at any moment. So what gives?

My Soul was tired I wanted meditation to be the break from reality that I needed. I couldn't understand why I was being prevented from having this wonderful journey and was forced to go back and relive something that had been a blemish on what was overall a blessing of a year.

Looking back I think what bothered me the most was that I was taken out of the experience unconsciously. The visualization was so vivid and engaging, why would I end up back in the hospital bed with a sickness that nearly claimed me?

Then the guides in the Akash sent me a notification, "Shift into the heart space and we will be glad to explain".

I agreed and went through the process of opening my akashic records so I could be as clear as possible. Once I entered that space, my Pleiadian parallel aspect approached me with a powerful enlightening message.

"...Todd, the reason you were taken out of that original experience is because you have not fully healed the trauma you were shown. You thought you had, and in some ways you have, but there is still more work to be done and the subconscious saw an opportunity and has been authorized by you to act. At that moment, existed a powerful potential to heal.

Your subconscious is simply a program designed to manage the things you cant always hold in your immediate awareness. It will continue to operate according to its programming until it is consciously reprogrammed. If you would like your travels to be uninterrupted, next time, we would advise you to change its assignment beforehand. Remember your training and address the subconscious before engaging in quantum work so you can be on the same page..."

A wise perspective that I put to the test immediately. I communicated my intention at that moment to the subconscious and gave it an instruction not to interrupt me and I noticed right away how easy it was for me to stay present in the multidimensional space.

A breath of fresh air indeed.

I realized that Ezra, my Pleiadian guide was right and I understood why my subconscious decided to show me what it did. My meditation was successful, even if I didn't get the result that I wanted or expected to see.

Whenever you are seeking to experience something new in meditation, there will be a trial and error period as your consciousness calibrates itself to the frequency of that experience. Sometimes finding that frequency requires the shedding of layers and deep healing meaning that the meditation you desire may not be available to you yet unless you override the healing mechanisms of the subconscious.

In my case, I simply had to address the subconscious and give it a new instruction. A luxury and revelation I went through hell to acquire and something I teach others but had forgotten to implement myself.

So what should you take from this? Learn how your unconscious bits of intelligence work, learn about their relationship to the conscious reality, and learn how to communicate your conscious intentions to them on the fly, so they know how to perform for you in the moment. You are a programmer of realities, so start programming.

So, does my Soul still have healing to do from its experience on this plain? Yes. That's part of the expectation in coming here. Is there a time and place where that is appropriate to explore and a time when it isn't? Yes. Can I decide when that time is? YES!

With that in mind, throughout the years as I peeled back the layers making healing a priority, my inner vision and the vividness of my encounters in the higher dimensions have become clearer. So, I'm certainly not encouraging you to skip the healing process altogether; rather, I wanted to notify you that you don't have to do it all of the time, and respite from the trials of this experience is what is often most appropriate.

You have more of a say in it than you think.

Sometimes you will be successful and sometimes you will not, but it is through these experiences that you learn and grow. Be patient and eventually you will find the frequency that allows you to have the experience you are seeking. An experience unencumbered by the Illusion of separation.

Todd Bryson

Akashic Records Practitioner

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Thank you for sharing this personal learning, it will be helpful to me and my soulmate as we evolve.

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