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Pleiadian History Lessons

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Hello everyone!

I wrote this article in collaboration with the Pleiadian guides with the goal of shifting your perspective into the lesser-known universal processes to provide you with a better understanding of how Humanity came to be and how the Pleiadians helped the Creator write our story. Please keep in mind while reading that this is a linear description of a very non-linear process being carried out by quantum Beings who can flip through the pages of time like we flip through channels on the TV.

Humans one day will be fully conscious and given the task of facilitating the expansion of intelligence in the Universe just like those who came before us (who are also us). The Pleiadians are considered to be our parent race and we will parent our own one day and that experience will be similar to this.

The Pleiadian civilization, after one of the hardest evolutionary experiences in galaxy history, reached such a high state of consciousness that they transcended linearity and became emersed in a quantum state. This achievement acts as a milestone for species in the cosmos and is a level all civilizations aspire to reach. Once a species reaches this state, they are then tasked with seeding a new civilization in the image of the Creator, meaning that what would manifest would be a direct reflection of Source and would be able to exist in harmony with All-That-Is. A place for souls to incarnate and witness the glory of creation firsthand.

In their new ascended state, the Pleiadians noticed something amazing. The Creator had already been preparing a gift for them and that gift was named Gaia. The perfect garden and the perfect place for the next great Milkyway civilization. And so began a project that took an immeasurable amount of time and effort and is still ongoing in the present. The earliest result of this seeding of divinity was the Lemurian civilization and that civilization would solidify the template for the rest of Humanity and Gaia's story

Gaia, who had already Mastered herself, had been through many dark night of the soul experiences, she had been cooling for millions of years, her tectonic pressure had eased significantly, and most of the great cataclysmic events, planned and not planned had passed and she already housed bi-pedal citizens who were passionate, curious, innovative, resilient, and had started to group together on her surface but were lacking one thing, the one thing that separates all humans from the rest of the animal kingdom, the divine spark.

Gaia had been busy creating the perfect cosmic vessels for souls to observe the story of creation through. These bodies have all the bells and whistles including advanced environmental measuring sensors, emotional guidance systems, generational data storage, large cranial capacity, resilient immune systems, functioning energy centers, and most importantly, the capacity to love unconditionally.

Most of the subspecies to compete with were already gone. Most of the large dangerous reptilian species were already gone. It was obvious, spirit had been preparing Gaia since she was born. What a gift the Pleiadians had been given.

The process is much more complicated than simply changing the DNA, that's actually the easy part. The real challenge is the consciousness grid that needs to be installed in order for the advanced civilization to take form. Gaia already had her own etheric body and connection to universal consciousness, giving her the perfect foundation to build upon, but this process isn't easy for her. She goes through massive changes, her surface is transformed, huge tectonic events happen, her climate changes, and her relationship to the cosmos and the creator is completely redefined.

The next challenge was to slowly introduce the higher dimensional frequencies to the planet and its inhabitants through solar activity. This is where the DNA starts to change, as it allows for the body to hold more light and anchor the higher frequencies into the physical plane. This process never ends after the initial seeding, as the planet and its inhabitants continue to evolve and change, always becoming more.

It would still take many generations for the results to show and even then, it would only be a small percentage of the population that would reach the level of consciousness necessary to start organizing a civilization. That civilization would need to be able to pause its survival mode long enough to contemplate its own existence, allowing for things like education, art, and energy to take root. The Pleiadians would then initiate contact with this new conscious species, an event that would be observed by trillions. This would set the president for a new era, one of galactic collaboration that many civilizations to follow would experience.

The key to advancing a civilization quickly is to give them the ability to access stored knowledge that cant be retained easily in the physical. After the Pleiadians made contact they taught the Lemurians about the Akashic Records and this allow them to advance at an astonishing rate due to the vast amount of information they could access about Gaia, medicine, energy, nutrition, education, architecture, everything, and more.

Does that mean the Lemurians had it easy? Not at all. They would only become a great civilization if they had the opportunity to learn from failure. The Akashic Records provided them with the knowledge they needed to avoid making the same mistakes, but they still had to experience them firsthand in order to learn and grow.

Many of you reading this were part of the great Lemurian civilization and you are waking up now just as planned. But what happened to them? What you see now in the mainstream story credited as the first formation of cities' culture and society is actually the reformation of those things. As a Lemurian, you knew that all good things must end, it was understood that their era was important and that it would one day come to an end so that a new one could begin. The time between us and them on the cosmic scale is but a blink of an eye and they are still with us excited to see the potential they work so hard to establish flourish.

What we do know is this, the Pleiadians were connected to Source, went through a period of separation much like the one we are at the end of now, and eventually came out of that with a more distinguished identity, grateful for the trial and error they were allowed. Will our experience parenting this civilization be like the Pleiadians? One thing I do know is you will be there to see it. You wouldn't miss it.

Somewhere there is a new garden preparing for us amongst the stars.

Todd Bryson

Akashic Records Practitioner

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Thank you for all that you do to bring these messages of love to us. I will hold these words in my heart…”Somewhere there is a new garden preparing for us amongst the stars.” ✨

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