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Returning Home

Death is not something to be feared, in fact, it is quite the opposite. It's a celebration. You close your eyes one last time and are greeted by the light of your Soul and you say to yourself, I remember this. You are going home. You feel the warmth of the creator and the plan for you is revealed in its entirety.

This is what we all long for without really knowing it, and it is the moment that we are all working towards. a moment of pure ecstasy, when all the love that you've ever felt is amplified a million times over and you are finally able to see the perfection in yourself, and in all of creation.

This is the moment that Kryon likes to call "The Big Ah-ha." This is when all of the pieces of the puzzle come together and you finally understand what your life was all about. All of the experiences, both good and bad, make perfect sense in the grand scheme of things and you are able to see the beauty in it all.

Sometimes when we go it makes sense, we've grown old and tired and are simply ready to go home. Sometimes it doesn't make any sense at all, but the transition happens anyway. Destiny has a way of working out that way and the Creator always knows what's best. No matter when we leave, the moment of clarity during the transition is one that your soul holds dear. What a relief! You came, you saw, and you did it all without really knowing why.

Something funny happens when we die, a unique perspective from the Earth plane is born into heaven. You have lived and died many times, but never as this version of you, so when you enter heaven again after all is said and done, it will be an experience that you are very familiar with, but there is a newness about it that is hard to explain.

Its like coming home after a long journey, you know your way around, but everything is just a little bit different because of the unique perspective you've acquired.

The system works this way so that its like the first time every time. You are able to experience the purest form of love and ecstasy over and over and over again, and it is this cycle that keeps consciousness expanding.

It's a familiar sensation, one of Deja vu. The most beautiful thing about it is that you realize that the love for you never ends and you were never alone in your earth experience, even when it felt like it. You hug all of the beings that you've been closest to in this lifetime and all of the other lifetimes and you are finally able to see the community of souls that help you make the most of your experience.

So you're back home, you've got your wits about you once again, what happens next?

The first thing you will want to do is check on those you left behind, making sure that they are okay and on track. You will be able to see them, but they won't be able to see you, not like they used to at least. You will have a new appreciation for these beings that you called family and friends. Even your enemies will make your heart full.

The second thing you do is celebrate. You are finally free from the limitations of the physical world and you can be your true self again. You are reunited with your loved ones and you feel the love of the creator flow through you. You are home.

The third thing you do is take a good long look at the life you just lived. You see all of your experiences, your triumphs, and your failures, and you learn from them. You see what worked and what didn't and you understand why. This is one of the most important parts of the process because it allows you to move on and not make the same mistakes in your next life.

The fourth thing you do is follow your curiosity, wherever it may lead you. You are not bound by time or space anymore and you can go anywhere and do anything. The possibilities are endless. What reality do you want to experience that you didn't have a chance to while you were here? Go live it.

And finally, the next thing you do is rest. You have earned it. After all, you've just completed one of the most difficult challenges there is, living a human life. So you will naturally want to take some time to just be. Be at peace, be in love, and just be. You see, you have your own space in heaven, its full of your favorite things and its always there waiting for you and again, after your experience here, it will be like entering that sacred place for the first time.

Its a place filled with artifacts, mementos, and things that remind you of your many journeys through the universes. There are also things that you have yet to experience, but they are waiting for you. (You don't have to die to go there)

As a Lightworker, you may have noticed a strong desire to return home, but there is no rush. This is an impulse that has been purposely planted within you so that you work on bringing home to you. Making the Earth a mirror image of home is a dream you will not let go of and even after going home, you cant wait to come back.

Todd Bryson

Akashic Records Practitioner

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1 Comment

Trevin Waters
Trevin Waters
May 11, 2022

That's what I'm talking about. Bring home here! I've wanted to leave many times, but I know what's to come and it's going to be the best experience ever. Limitless in human form. We're going to have a blast! Gratitude and much love.

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