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Saviors of Empires

Greetings Family,

It is warmth that I feel in this now moment as I know that the path we accepted long ago is coming to an important juncture. For many of us, this juncture is one which requires much courage and strength to traverse but nonetheless, the energies are ripe for great transformation and here you are, risen once again to see it through just like was prophesied.

As the builders and saviors of magnificent cosmic empires, let me emphasize that your work here is noble, and important and has been carried out with immense proficiency for millennia and now is not the time to doubt yourself or the creator that you came here to serve.

Remember that each of you are magnificent beings, with the capacity to move mountains, and put an end to any darkness that threatens our common union.

If humanity is to wake up it is we that must hold space and act as the catalyst for the highest outcome; it is we who must bring forth our soul-level knowledge and understanding to the masses. Let us be the warriors that bring forth a new era of peace, love, and harmony that is so profound it shifts the Universe in its entirety!

Resistance to the old ways is essential, we must stand firm in the world but not be influenced by it, as many things may arise in the days ahead that can potentially hurt our hearts and decrease our frequencies back into alignment with outdated methods. As lightworkers, it is our responsibility to remain proactive rather than reactive and concentrated rather than diverted.

It is now that we hold the vision of the Creator for all to see. It is now that our resilience and ability to adapt are tested. It is now that our courage and strength will be displayed in the face of all adversity. We must not back down, we must not give in, and we must not forget this is a journey of love and expansion on a universal scale.

Let us remain faithful to this cause.

We are being asked to hold space for higher collective spiritual thinking and with our combined power, we can swiftly unravel any resistance to these efforts. These efforts will awaken a new wave of warriors to bring forth the soul revolutions that our special Earth kingdom needs in order to find and hold its place amongst the great milky way consciousness empires. Stay busy creating resources and safe spaces for them to learn and thrive as remembrance takes hold.

It is an honor to serve with you. May we be blessed with an abundance of courage, curiosity, and enthusiasm for what is sure to be an event that will be remembered forever.

Todd Bryson

Akashic Records Practitioner


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