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Special Pleiadian Energy Update Nov. 2023

Dear Loved Ones,

As you embark on the journey of November 2023, planetary energies are converging to stimulate a significant shift in your comprehension and manipulation of energy. This shift is destined to activate unexplored levels of consciousness within you. During this time, your spiritual connections will deepen, and your understanding of the mystical bonds between you and your surroundings will expand. Use this period wisely: read enlightening books, engage in meaningful conversations, and pursue practices that help cultivate and strengthen your energy field.

You've been weathering the Saturn Retrograde phase since June 18, 2023, a pivotal period for balancing karma. As Saturn moves forward in Pisces from November 4, 2023, the lessons imbibed during the retrograde will start to solidify, providing clarity and relief. Take time to reflect on these lessons, write about your experiences, and seek to incorporate this newfound understanding into your daily life.

The challenges you face and the changes you experience are crucial to your evolution into a being of higher consciousness. Welcome these challenges, learn from them, and remember, they aren't punishments but essential building blocks of your growth.

As you navigate deeper into November, it's increasingly important to tune into your emotional body. Practice mindfulness, engage in activities that promote emotional well-being such as journaling or art, and nurture deeper connections with yourself and those around you. This heightened emotional acuity can lead to profound healing and personal growth.

Remember, each astrological sign will interact with these energies in unique ways. Therefore, it might be beneficial to study your horoscope to understand how these cosmic shifts will personally affect you.

In essence, November 2023 is a time of transformation. You're being guided to navigate the spirals of consciousness for your spiritual advancement. Like the caterpillar, you too are undergoing a metamorphosis, ready to emerge with newfound wisdom and abilities. Embrace these energies, align yourself with the rhythm of the Universe, and stay open to the beautiful changes that await.

The Pleiadian Family,

Todd Bryson

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