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The Case For Peace

Something happens when the third-density throws around the word "impossible"... Your Soul chuckles a bit. What an ambitious claim! Impossible is not a word that your Soul recognizes and In fact, you came here to unravel that illusion.

There are those who look at the world in its current state and say peace is impossible. I say it is inevitable.

As an Old Soul supported by the new energy, you should know that the same rules don't apply to you. The peace that you carry with you has the power to move mountains, and Humanity just happened to be in the market for some skilled mountain movers.

Your application was approved.

As light bringers, we study darkness, and from our studies, we know that the chaos of the world is actually an invitation to find peace. It is a challenge, but it can be done, and there are countless examples of success throughout the cosmos... Just ask the Akash.

Every Old Soul on Earth is energetically holding space for at minimum 100,000 souls. Some are supporting much more than that. The peace that you carry is the peace of Gaia, and it's time for this peace to be felt on a global scale.

Because of your dedication to this peace above all else, you will flourish where others fail. You will find power when others grow weary. You will find serenity when others grow anxious. This is the nature of your design and purpose for being here. With your planetary ascension expertise, we are all in good hands.

You see, in these times, there is nothing more essential than peace of mind and energetic stability. After all, they go hand in hand. Everything you want in life will be derived from this and collectively, we are solidifying a new peaceful template for human growth and evolution. As we go, so goes the world.

The peace you carry is not just peace within yourself, but peace made available for all of mankind.

The more you can attune yourself to the peace that lies within, the more you will be able to radiate this peace out into your world. This is how paradigms have been shifted for eons throughout space and time.

Our Souls navigate the Universal sea of consciousness with love and compassion and peace as our destination. Our journey is one of joy and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve because we know that those who still sleep are family that you would do anything for. Before they came in, they trusted the Old Souls to wake them up.

After everything we've been through, Humanity deserves peace and with your help, peace is what we will have. It has been a long time coming, and you will be here to reap everything that you've sown.

When Old Souls are involved, a mountain, no matter how tall and wide has no business dictating the path taken. Because of you, Its only option is to move or be moved.

Believe in yourself, your purpose, and the Universal systems in place to support you and carry on with your peace intact so the way can be shown.

Todd Bryson

Akashic Records Practitioner

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So inspiring and resonates as so true. I just did some self-channelled writing and then read your beautiful words. They are very much aligned! Thank you Todd for your work and presence,

Me gusta
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