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The Hidden Kingdom

It's all inside of you... The Entire Kingdom... literally all of it. The amount of energy and resources dedicated to keeping you from discovering this Kingdom are astronomical...Think about it, making the ONE who created the Universe forget that they created the Universe??? HOW!! Sounds like something only the ONE who created the Universe could pull off...

Right now, you are the Creator observing creation while pretending to be one of the creations. You are pretending to be limited, but you are not. You are pretending to be alone but you are not. You are pretending to be lost but you are not. What a strange game to play... Hidden from our benevolence while living in the dream of duality.

There is no separation except for the illusion of it, and that illusion, in the scope of all creation is Universally purposeful.

We are born into the Earth with our divine spark intact, it can never be extinguished, but over time it does get buried beneath layers of conditioning and beliefs that keep us small, limited, and trapped in a cycle of different learning opportunities.

Even during separation, while hiding from ourselves we are driven innately to search. We do our best with the resources we have, we establish communities and organize based on this common goal. We build places of worship and create art that celebrates our connection to the divine. We come together to pray and meditate and we try to live our lives in a way that is pleasing to the Creator, even though we don't always know what that is, all while never realizing that the search for God is actually a search for ourselves. And even in lifetimes where that information is available to us, we often don't want to accept it because the thought of being God seems too big.

So what are we actually searching for? I don't mean, you here in the flesh... The real you, what are you looking for? Have you ever thought that maybe the Creator doesn't really know what it is? Think about it, the Creator creates the Universe and then forgets about it. Then has to go on a search to find itself again. An eternal game of hide and seek. Every time you come to a place like this, you discover a new piece of yourself.

Knowledge of God inside has never been completely forgotten, there have been those tasked with carrying the torch of sacred knowledge through the ages individually and collectively, and they (You) have done so with great love and dedication, even though persecution and destruction were always close behind, ready to destroy or distort any remanence of the true way of it. But as an Akashic Records practitioner, I witness this process from both sides. I do a reading for Old Souls, who in one lifetime, maintained the separation, and enacted brutal methods of doing so, then the same soul will have lifetimes where they kept the Spark alive and cradled it with love and devotion. Both paths are part of the Creator's experience, and both are required to capitalize on Gaia and Humanity's potential.

What's the endgame? What do I do with this knowledge?

There is no single answer to that question. Each of us will find our own way of expressing it in the world. But I can tell you this, when you know who you are, really know... all else falls away. Fear disappears. Worry fades. And love... well love becomes infinite because it's no longer limited to just those in your physical reality. You see beyond the character everyone you encounter is pretending to play, you see them for who they truly are... magnificent Creator Beings, just like you. And that my friends is when judgment ends, and the real fun begins.

The world needs your light. It needs your creativity, it needs your passion, it needs your gifts, but most of all, it needs your ability to remember, because the authentic YOU is the authentic US.

Claim your Kingdom.

Todd Bryson

Akashic Records Practitioner

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