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The Language of Intent

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Hello everyone, the information in this post likely isn't new but maybe the you receiving it is.

Here's something we can be sure of: There are a lot of components required to pilot this costume we call the human body. Most of these components require no interaction on your part in order to function. This is what makes experiencing reality in an unconscious state possible. Every one of these parts is executing a procedure as instructed.

Did you catch that last part? Let me repeat it because it's important, "Every one of these parts is executing a procedure as instructed". WOW! Revelation!

This means that all of these subconscious programs and energy systems are programable and responsive to consciousness... Translation, our internal communication is the key to our change and growth.

So, let's break down that internal communication. How does it work, who's listening exactly, what's the right approach to take?

Let's begin with who is listening, and the answer is... everyone! Your DNA is listening, your cells are listening, your organs are listening, your pineal gland is listening, your chakras are listening...Should I keep going?

Your self-talk is heard by the Universe in its entirety. Separation is an illusion, oneness is the truth. Could it be any clearer? We reap what we sow.

Here's the thing though, these parts of you don't speak your verbal linear language, they speak intent. This is where most people are getting confused.

Perhaps you said some affirmations this morning that verbally went like this, "I am strong, I am confident, and I am fearless," but, did you believe those things? Maybe the communication was actually non-verbal and went like this "I am weak, I am unworthy, I am afraid."

The Universe doesn't hear your words, it hears the vibration behind them. If you don't believe the affirmation then it won't work.

Let me introduce you to the Smart Body or the innate body. A subconscious intelligence that knows everything about you. The arbitrator of belief. The smart body is responsible for communicating your intention as an instruction set to the parts.

If the guides need to awaken something within your field, they may need to use the smart body as a messenger because it speaks an energetic language that all components can understand. You must do the same.

Your smart body is studying you and, on your behalf, providing your unconscious components with a game plan based on what you're broadcasting. What is being broadcast by you changes from moment to moment, meaning that, all of these pieces and parts of you are ready willing, and able to drop everything they know in a moment's notice to fulfill a new set of instructions they have received.

Let's learn to communicate consciously so we may reach our potential in peace without interruption from reactionary forces outside ourselves. Let's turn up the volume, and give our inner voice purpose and authority.

Here's something you should consider, Is the smart body communicating to the parts an instruction set that was given by you unconsciously? Or, is the Soul awake enough to consciously give instructions? The Innate knows the difference.

It all comes back to your free will and your ability to choose. What do you choose to believe about yourself and the world around you? The innate is constantly on the lookout, and these choices and ideas are how it makes decisions. What a system!

So what does this mean? It's not just the moments in time that you meditate and give affirmations and positive intent that count, it's your entire body of work during the day. It's your unconscious habits and programing that hold the most weight and the innate is responsible for this programing and can change whenever you give it the go-ahead to do so.

Here are the questions you should ask yourself, What are you consuming and how are you doing it? What instructions are you broadcasting to the Innate?? More of the same? Or something new?

It's time we all take an inventory of what might be getting in the way of you receiving and transmitting the most authentic and beneficial communication.

In order for the Innate to receive and implement a new conscious instruction set, the instructions must be given in a theta state, beyond the human filters. This is how the innate will recognize if the instructions were given with pure intent.

Everything given without pure intent will be disregarded because it isn't in alignment with your highest timeline, and is likely a product of momentary frustration.

When we are able to connect with our Divine Innate Self and consciously give instructions, miraculous things happen. We inspire change within ourselves and those around us in ways that were once thought impossible.

The Universe has been listening all along, it's time for us to start speaking into existence a better reality for ourselves. The only way we can accomplish this is by being willing participants in our own personal evolution. In order to do this, you must understand the relationship between the parts, and how they communicate.

The Smart Body is onboard with this! Change isn't going to come from outside and the innate is an important member of your internal team, utilize its strengths as only a conscious creator can and speak to it directly.

So in short, the law of attraction, the law of resonance, the innate is communicating to the Universe, your compatibility with these systems at all times.

Are you living, or are you merely existing? It is entirely up to you.

Todd Bryson

Akashic Records Practitioner

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