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The Lightworker Codex

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Hello everyone! I created this Lightworker codex to act as a guide in understanding the different roles of lightworkers and how they can best serve humanity.

I don't usually inform individuals I deal with on a daily basis that I'm a lightworker. I let my energy, attitude, and behavior speak for themselves. When the topic comes up, they either find it fascinating, strange or like the fact that I've embraced my incredibly odd self. Then they inquire about my Lightworker activities, and I tell them what I do.

Im a Lightworker who identifies aspects of consciousness that require illumination and I work with Spirit to make that happen.

I am a healer, more specifically, Im a healer who specializes in healing healers. I work on myself and my own energy every day so that I can be of service to others in whatever way they need. I also teach lightworkers about their mission and how to connect with Spirit.

As a Lightworker, I know who I am, I know what Im capable of and I understand my mission and I am fearless in the pursuit of its completion. I also know that I am not alone in this. There are others like me who have come to Earth at this time to help restore humanity's connection with Source.

What if I don't succeed? What if we all fail? I know the answer to that, World War 3 and Humanities destruction. Yes, you are here to bring humanity out of darkness by ending the vicious cycle of war and suppression. (research the harmonic convergence).

Don't worry, your soul thrives in high-pressure situations, that's why you're here.

If you can't do it lightworker who will? Humanity deserves better, the children here deserve better, the elders here deserve better. We've paid our dues and it's time to shine. Let us collectively explore the Universe in peace.

I'm happy to report that we've already crossed the tipping point of peace, love, and abundance. We've already won. Collectively we have chosen that we want better for our children. Yes, the old energy will rattle its sword but each time it does, it draws its own end nearer and nearer.

It's a paper tiger when compared to you, the king of the jungle.

However, in order to be influential as a Lightworker, you must understand your strengths. Every lightworker arrives with a distinct set of talents, with no one having amassed anything comparable to your collection.

You didn't wait in line for Earth, hoping desperately to get in, you were recruited based on your unique set of skills and experience, and adding your human character to the game would increase the odds of success.

Here's what I know, the more you understand your unique role as a Lightworker and amplify your strengths, the more light you will produce.

With that in mind, here are the most common types of Lightworkers. Let It be known that what your role is will likely fall under multiple categories, you are truly a multidimensional being who cannot really be defined. Entire libraries of books could be written about each role individually.

Starseed Lightworkers:

Starseeds are lightworkers who have come to earth from other dimensions and star systems with the objective of restoring humanity's knowledge of god inside. They often have a deep connection to nature and feel called to serve others and are highly empathic and are telepathically sensitive because of their energetic compatibility with the Star Family.

They often have a shared history and collective memory passed down through their ancestral lineage from ancient times. Starseeds usually have past life connections with ancient civilizations such as Atlantis and Lemuria.

Starseeds came to earth at this time on a mission of spiritual service and can be recognized by their selfless devotion to serving others, especially in their families. They too may have extraordinary abilities such as psychic awareness and the ability to communicate with plants and animals.

Starseeds have come here to help bring about a new paradigm on Earth where peace shall reign once again.

Healer Lightworkers:

Healer Lightworkers specialize in healing and restoring the energy of others. They often have a natural ability to identify imbalances and are able to communicate with the body's subconscious intelligence. They can frequently sense beyond the physical realm into the realm of spirit.

Healer Lightworkers are able to communicate with their own higher self and utilize its wisdom to assist them in deciphering the best way to heal each individual they come into contact with.

They are more sensitive to the spiritual world and emit higher vibrations, which make them natural healers. This means they are working with more of the physical energy of 'lifting' or 'raising' of vibration rather than actually touching someone.

Light Language Lightworkers:

These Lightworkers have the ability to communicate through light and sound frequencies. They often have a strong connection to the angelic realm and are able to transmit light codes that help to raise the vibration of those around them. It is a Lightworkers' responsibility to raise the vibration of those around them, and light language Lightworkers are particularly adept at doing that.

Language Lightworkers are needed in this world more than ever. We are entering the age of enlightenment, and with it come joyful new frequencies that are carried to us by our star brothers and sisters. The more light language Lightworkers there are sharing their gifts, the easier the transition into this new age will be for everyone on Earth.

Psychic lightworkers:

Psychic Lightworkers are highly sensitive to energy and have the ability to see, smell, hear, touch, or taste beyond what their five senses allow. They are often the lightworker with the most heightened intuition and ability to read between the lines. For example, they can frequently sense when someone isn't being honest with them.

They also tend to be great clairvoyants and possess the ability to see auras, energy fields, angels, or spirits. They can hear spirit guides or deceased loved ones off in the distance.

They are skilled "mood readers" and know what another person is thinking or feeling just by being around them.

They may also have psychic visions of the future, past, or present events. Their heightened sensitivities can lead to stress, anxiety, and overwhelm if they don't learn how to manage their energy properly.

Avatar Lightworkers:

An avatar Lightworker is a person who has accepted the entire burden of being a lightworker in this lifetime. They are the embodiment of what it means to be a Lightworker. They often have a deep understanding of their role and are able to hold a high vibration for extended periods of time. They are often the Lightworkers who are called to lead and guide others.

They fully understand what it means to be a bearer of light and its impact on humanity. Avatar Lightworkers carry such a strong sense of purpose and awareness that they can inspire any change.

Channel Lightworkers:

Channel Lightworkers act as a conduit between the spiritual and physical realm. They are able to transmit light, love, and healing energy to others through their words, thoughts, or actions. Channelers are bringers of light through the information given from higher perspectives.

Channelers are able to awaken people from the fog of darkness through their words and energy transmissions. They are able to bring light into darkness, furthering its existence within themselves and all others around them.

They are frequently contacted directly by our extraterrestrial, celestial families.

Sensitive Lightworkers:

A sensitive Lightworker has a very deep connection to the physical world and is able to perceive light and energy in a very visceral way. They often feel that they are part of the physical world and find themselves drawn toward science, art, and nature. They have a deep affinity for light and often feel that light is their home.

They have a special gift for being able to perceive and understand light in a very physical way. They see light as being all around them, emanating from plant life, rocks, people, animals, and everything else on the planet. In this way, they tap into nature's wisdom.

They may have a deep disdain for religion and feel disconnected from it. Sometimes their life mission is to bridge science and spirituality.

Warrior Lightworkers:

A warrior Lightworker is a Lightworker who has come to Earth with the mission of restoring peace and balance through the removal of negative forces. They are Lightworkers who act as protectors of the light and often have a strong desire to be part of an active mission. These workers have a soft spot and are contracted to protect the other Lightworkers so they can heal and be in peace.

They come in service to the light and in this they will do whatever is necessary to protect humanity from lower vibrational forces such as ego-driven driven patterns and agendas. They can be healers, shamans, visionaries, and teachers of unconditional love.

Angel Lightworkers:

Angels are Lightworkers who have come to earth to help humanity with their spiritual evolution. They often have a deep connection to the angelic realm and are able to transmit light codes that help to raise the vibration of those around them. They often have a deep connection to the divine and a strong sense of intuition and powerful clairvoyant and cognitive gifts.

They can be powerful in their ability to build strong connections between the angelic realm and humanity, allowing them to act as gatekeepers of information. They are able to carry out complex plans with ease and often have a strong sense of guardianship over the earth.

Crystal Lightworkers:

Crystals are Lightworkers who have come to earth to help keep the energy grid of humanity lighted. They often have a deep connection to themselves and the earth, they are very grounded even in tumultuous times. They are lightworkers who have an innate connection to light and their soul's purpose. These lightworkers don't get lured in by the illusion easily and can stay above the human story because of Gaia's influence.

Crystals have been with humanity from the beginning of time, they are old souls who have reincarnated many times on this earth to assist humanity in moving into higher frequencies of light. They come back for that reason and know their tasks beforehand during each lifetime.

Indigo Lightworkers:

Indigo Lightworkers are Lightworkers who have come here with the purpose of helping humanity step into their power as sovereign beings on this planet called Earth. They are Lightworkers who have come into this lifetime with a strong sense of self and purpose. They don't take life too seriously, but they also don't accept anything less than life's most authentic version. They often have a deep connection to their intuition and are very creative. Indigos are warriors who will pursue the end of darkness until their last breath, and let nothing stand in the way.

They love to help others, and they don't even need a thank you.

These Lightworkers are able to see beyond the illusions created by third-dimensional reality and have a focus on what can be rather than what is. They are here to help others awaken from their slumber.

Rainbow Lightworkers:

Rainbow lightworkers are lightworker who has come to earth with the collective purpose of anchoring light and love into the physical plane. They often have a deep connection to humanity and feel called to serve in some way. They often have a strong sense of compassion and are able to hold a high vibration for extended periods of time. Rainbow lightworkers specialize in healing collective tension and clearing Humanity's stagnant Karma.

Being empty of ego, they are able to sacrifice themselves for the greater good without hesitation.

You might also be a Lightworker if:

-You feel drawn to your spiritual path in life

-You feel drawn to light and love

-You feel that light is your home

- You have an innate sense of love for Humanity's flaws

-You feel called to serve others

-You feel that you were made for something else bigger

-You are drawn toward lightworkers who share your mission

-You are drawn toward lightworkers who share your passions

-You feel called to heal humanity in some way

-You feel a deep connection to light and the cosmic and angelic realms

-You have a strong sense of intuition and spiritual gifts

-You feel a deep connection to the Earth

Lightworkers, as you can see, you are a diverse group of people with various capabilities. Whatever your position is, know that you are crucial to humanity's bright future. You have a unique light and purpose that is needed in these times. Be proud of who you are, lightworker, and bend reality to your will.

Todd Bryson

Akashic Records Practitioner I Agent of Change

Donations Help Me Spend More Time Writing Articles and Making Videos!

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