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The Master Will Appear

Let's talk about You for a bit, shall we? And just a heads up, I'm going to get a little gushy about you and I'm doing it for a few reasons. Number one is I love you and I want you to know how worthy you are. Number two is because I know the real you, not who you're pretending to be.

When you know who you are at your core, you will understand why you're here and what you need to do.

First I want to tell you a short Lemurian story, in early Lemuria, when consciousness began to flourish, the Pleiadians walked openly amongst the people. They taught the Lemurians about the Creator, and they were eager students.

When the Lemurians asked, "where is the creator?" the Pleiadians brought them to the water's edge and showed the Lemurians their own reflection. The creator was within them all along. A fundamental truth about who you are and your place in the Cosmos.

From that moment forward, the Lemurians never doubted their connection to the creator and they began to understand that they were creators too, and from that came the most advanced, abundant society that the Earth has ever known.

So here you are now in all of your magnificence, experiencing a lifetime as a World Healer. You have come to Earth specifically for this purpose, and you know it. You are a powerful creator who knows how to work within the Universe, and you are using this knowledge to bring Humanity into the light.

A Master who openly broadcasts the frequency of love and compassion for all to absorb.

Your Soul was birthed from Source with joy and given equal status. A true gesture of love and the very definition of Oneness. You are not separate from Source, or anyone else for that matter, and this knowledge is key to helping humanity remember.

You have been given the kingdom of creation as your inheritance and you are presently in possession of all that you require.

So what does that mean? You are both the Universe itself and its creator and every experience you have ever had, in the physical and non-physical reality has been perfectly orchestrated by you. You are the one who has chosen to experience limitation, lack, and duality. You are also the one who chose to end this cycle and return to Oneness.

The very atoms that make up the physical structure you currently occupy carry your divinity and are billions of years old. For as long as the Universe has flourished, you've been behind the scenes quietly writing the script for how these atoms behave, suspending yourself in a state of entanglement with every spec of dust that has ever existed.

You are not just a conscious intelligence existing in the Cosmos, you are THE conscious intelligence creating and driving the Cosmos. You're eternal, you exist in every dimension from the most infinitesimal to the infinite. You are the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.

You see, to your Soul, billions of years is simply a moment and in that moment, you love to create energy and put it into action to serve. You have come here specifically for this time, during these moments of evolution on the Earth plane, to utilize your ability to generate change.

The Universe is governed by a system of cause and effect, which is impartial (Brilliant). Every action generates a reaction and the forces of Nature always work in pairs. Because of this, your Universe is in a constant state of destruction and renewal. The death of one thing leads to the birth of another and the cycles continue.

Your Universe simply produces results based on its fundamental duty to do so, but you should know, when Old Souls give the Universe cause, the effect is not equal. Everything you produce is significantly amplified. That's because the stakes are high in this Earth game. The Soul families' livelihoods are at stake, the very partnership between humanity and Gaia is under review, and everything that happens during this pivotal shift is for keeps. Your every decision and action matters.

The secret to unlocking your Mastery in this expression of you, something you've done countless times, is to uncover your Core being by connecting the hidden elements of your identity to the greater story of your life.

When your consciousness moves to the fifth dimension, it begins to remember its role in the Universal scheme and more fully realizes its connection to all things. In this state, you can create consciously. You hold the power to change the game by changing yourself. Once this revelation truly takes hold, you begin the process of returning to that state of Oneness.

How do you feel about your Awakening now?

From this space, you can create whatever you desire and that desire is first and foremost love. As love flows freely within you, it flows through every aspect of consciousness, every cell, every atom responds. This is the way of it.

When we create and move energy from a place of love, the Universe is on the other end taking our order, so to speak. Once the cause is generated, the Universe goes to work on the effect, and a chain reaction ensues.

We can learn to work with these systems in a conscious way, using our thoughts and emotions as tools to manifest. Your Universal methods never change and they always work. We just need you now to remember how to work with them.

As you read these words, know that you are exactly where you need to be in order for your Soul's journey to continue evolving. You are never alone on this path. Evolution is not a solo project. We are all in this together.

As you continue the process of remembering who you are and start to take inspired action, you are creating space for the Master, that is your true self to appear within.

The Master is the one who has remembered how to create from a state of Oneness and with this remembrance, brings love into manifestation.

When you connect to the Master within, you are tapping into your unlimited potential and accessing the power of creation itself. From this space, all things are possible, including peace on Earth.

Todd Bryson

Akashic Records Practitioner

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