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The Truth About Your Gifts

So much of our energy as Old Souls is dedicated to the activation of our spiritual gifts. We try and try, year in and year out to develop our sensory system so we can feel informed and connected to our experience in a deeper way.

We want to develop our ability to communicate with the non-physical intelligences that are all around us. We want to stay attuned to the pulse of humanity. We want to feel the presence of the Divine and we want to be able to walk in our gifts with ease.

It's important to us.

In my young journey as an Akashic Records practitioner, I've learned that most Old Souls working the ascension puzzle right now don't need to activate their abilities, rather, they need to learn how to turn them off or use them selectively and study the difference.

Why? Because most of us are operating from a space of psychic overload. We're feeling too much, we're seeing too much and we're trying to do too much. Our spiritual gifts have become our burden instead of our blessing.

This was certainly the case with me, one of the first revelations I was given within the records was the insane amount of energy I was absorbing from others. An Issue I've been dealing with my entire life. I couldn't function at school, church, work, or any form of social gathering for that matter.

Any time spent in groups of people would result in me being completely wiped out. I was constantly being overwhelmed and my nervous system didn't appreciate it. By the time I got myself back to normal, I had to go back to school, work, or whatever the forced obligation of the day was.

So how do you turn your abilities off?

Turning your abilities off is not about denying your gifts, it's about learning to listen and discern the difference between what is helpful and what is not.

The key for me was found In my morning routine. The guides would have me practice different shielding techniques and I had to charge my system and solidify my auric field before my feet even touched the ground. Suddenly, I had a choice as to what was allowed in my field or not because it wasn't on top of me faster than my system could register.

If the energy is not helpful, it doesn't get in. End of discussion.

I found quickly that my energy reserves remained intact even after being in large groups for long periods of time. I could actually exist in peace amongst the people without feeling like I was going to vomit or pass out.

I didn't need to absorb the issues of every person I crossed paths with and setting this boundary allowed the interactions that I did choose to engage in to be more meaningful.

When we learn to use our abilities selectively, we not only honor our own boundaries but the boundaries of those around us. The people I was reading and absorbing things from unknowingly didn't necessarily want that either.

Many of us that spend a significant amount of time working within our energy system can become too familiar with how easy it is to step into someone else's story... You don't want to absorb the energy produced from the fight a coworker had with his girlfriend last night. As interesting as that sounds.

If It's not your own, don't take responsibility for it!

When we master the selective use of our abilities, we are in a much better place to offer assistance when it is asked for and needed. We can also discern when to walk away because we understand our own limitations and know our own boundaries.

That is a powerful space to be in.

This is a sign of true mastery.

Todd Bryson

How to Open The Akashic Records - A Guide For Beginners

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