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When The Third Eye Opens

Hello Everyone! Ready to open your third eye???

When I asked the Akashic records to explain what the third eye is, the answer that came back was this, "It is the seat of your higher vision and the portal of Soul communication" meaning it's a piece of your being that's responsible for your connection to Source. It can be used to experience alternate realities and can interpret the messages coming from your guides, even if you don't realize it when it's happening. When you wake up and start to raise your consciousness and connect more deeply, your third eye opens wider and allows you to process reality from a higher level than what was possible pre-awakening.

It's an important tool for all lightworkers and understanding its relationship with your other spiritual and non spiritual parts is the key to keeping it open, clear, and vibrant.

Many of you reading this are at odds with your third eye. "Why is it still closed?" "Why don't I get to see things like others do?" "Why is it not picking up clear messages from my team?". This perspective is mostly due to being told your third eye is broken or being misled into believing that there was something coming to open it that just hasn't arrived yet... Here's the truth, your pineal gland is fine, it just needs you to remember how to communicate, nurture, and manage it properly.

Still, there will be days when the vision doesn't come easy. You feel disconnected and drained spiritually. You sit down and try to open your third eye and all you get is a blank space or a dull uninspired void that you can't work with. Even as a healer. Or, you might sit down and have a vivid adventure but can only hold it for a few minutes at most. So what makes the difference? Why can we hold the vision some days and not others? How can we better understand the variables at play that either allow us to fully immerse in the quantum state or not?

The answer is always the same - it's your perception and it's your energy. When you understand this, you also realize that it's not about the eye at all. It's about what is driving the experience and how you are interpreting it. If I intended to simply see something then that's all I would get, a visual. If I intended to feel, to sense, to understand, then suddenly the experience became richer, fuller, and more multi-layered. I would get visuals, sure, but also feelings, smells, tastes, emotions - the whole gamut of experience and then some.

The goal was never to simply open my third eye so I could see, the goal was always to open my third eye so I could feel and experience. And so began the process of gradually integrating my physical senses with my higher dimensional experiences. A process I am going to make very simple for you today.

The key is to remember that you are not limited to the physical world around you. You are a multidimensional being with access to an infinite amount of knowledge and experiences. So when you find yourself struggling to hold the vision, go back to the basics - focus on your intention and let go of any attachment to a specific outcome. The rest will follow.

In the beginning, my Higher Self recommended simple exercises and disciplines that I should adhere to every day, and I was to attach importance to these disciplines and take a ritualistic approach so that my mind wouldn't trivialize them and deny me the results I was looking for.

The results were almost instant, I will never forget the first time I stepped into that multidimensional space, smelled the flowers in the meadow, and felt the breeze hit my face. For just a moment, I felt disconnected from all the things people normally do to survive, I was free. I was in awe of my surroundings and realized there was so much more to explore. It would be worth it to stay disciplined and patient with my development processes, which is what I want to discuss now.

When you decide to work on your third eye development, you are also committing yourself to explore the other side of life - the unseen, the unspoken even the unknown. You as a lightworker are like a spiritual athlete that needs to constantly train to keep themselves in the illusion but not of the illusion. It is a delicate balance that takes time to master but remember as a general rule of thumb. Keep it simple, be patient, and trust the universal process that you are only pretending to be unfamiliar with.

Here we go...

1) Energy Body Attunement

Your energy body and all its pieces and parts should be given a conscious daily tune-up. This means you become aware of the energy moving through your body and every day you make a concerted effort to clear out any blockages, stagnant energy, or negative attachments. This simple discipline allows you to constantly refresh your chakra system so that they don't get too hung up on 3D.

Observe yourself, identify blockages and imbalances, and transmute them will love and do it every day. Our energy bodies are high maintenance and an important part of your awakening is remembering how to manage these systems and every multi-dimensional function they support. No more breaking down and burning out, all that is needed is a regular check-in with your system and a little bit of focus to keep things flowing smoothly. This is a must for those with multidimensional aspirations.

2) Breath Integration

To maintain a strong connection to your third eye and the multidimensional experiences taking place there, it is important to keep your breath steady and deep. This means that you are constantly aware of your breath moving in and out, and you make a conscious effort to deepen your breathing so that you are filling your lungs. This process is necessary to transfer your awareness into alternate dimensions. It allows you to sustain your experience longer by bringing oxygen to your brain which supports all higher-level functions, and it also helps to keep your energy body moving which is important for all the same reasons. Focusing on your breath will also fend off the mind space from taking you back into 3D.

Breath is the foundation of every spiritual practice, and it is the key to keeping your third eye open and functioning properly. Let yourself slip into the void and just breathe, bring into your awareness that this breath is flowing through and synchronizing your entire being.

3) Sensory System Integration

This is the process of melding your physical senses with your higher dimensional experiences by mirroring the sensations you feel in your physical body with what you're seeing in the vision. I do this by entering a multidimensional state and touch, taste, and feel exercises. Start slow keep it simple. A few examples, in the beginning, I would visualize a wall full of different kinds of textures and I would run my hands over them very meticulously. I would visualize an apple and I would take a slow bite, feeling the skin, then the flesh, then juice and flavor. I would do this with different fruits appreciating every bite. I would imagine myself filthy as if I had walked through the desert for a month straight without a drop of water only for a pool of crystal clear water to appear in front of me. I would lower my body into the water and feel every sensation as if it were real.

The key is to connect with your physical sensations and use them to ground the experiences in your vision. Your ego will tell you that you don't have time for that kind of silliness. Permit yourself to pause your linear reality, and all the demands of it, and dive into the experience. It doesn't matter how you do it.

4) Emotional Body Integration

This is the process of melding your emotional body with your higher dimensional experiences. Something that you must do to fully experience the multi-dimensional space. All of my work in the Akashic records depends on the health of my emotional body, all of my spiritual communication, all of my mediumship, and all of my healing work. I am constantly having to clean up my emotional body so that It can be used as a tool of discernment and not a hindrance.

I do this by simulating emotional scenarios, miracles unfolding, timely interventions, spontaneous healings, and so forth. It's important to feel the full range of emotions in these simulations. The key is not to get lost in the drama of it all, but rather to observe the emotions as they flow through you and allow them to capture you at the moment. If you are looking for a multidimensional experience and you don't have your emotional body in the tool kit you won't get far. The emotional body is the sail that captures the wind of the Spirit.

5) Mental Body Integration

This is the process of melding your mental body with your higher dimensional experiences. I do this by observing problems and creating solutions with focused intent. I would imagine a scenario in which I'm trying to figure out how to get from point A to point B. And I would allow my mind to run through all of the possible solutions unhindered by limitations. This allows for a sense of freedom and creativity that is not often felt in the mental body.

We hear a lot in the spiritual community, the mind is bad but the truth is, a mind is a tool and one of your most powerful ones at that, it just needs a chance to feel what it's like without the shackles of linearity.

It's how we use the tool that matters. When we allow our minds to be open and free, without judgment, we open up to all possibilities.

While reading the information above I hope you leave this article with an understanding that the key to opening your multidimensional awareness requires you to harmonize the three main aspects of yourself: Body, Mind, and Spirit. Without all three working in tandem, you will be able to experience reality without linear restrictions so make sure to give each one of them the attention they deserve.

Do you find that you spend more time in your head than in your heart? Do you find that you are more worried about what other people think than how you feel? Do you find yourself drained always behind trying to catch up? All of these disciplines will take care of those things as well so that you can live your life feeling unwaveringly inspired and purposeful in everything that you do. The more you practice, the easier it will become to live in a space of inspiration and flow.

Todd Bryson

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Hi Todd, I just come across you today and I am very happy I did! I been reading your article about opening the third eye and is very inspiring, I open my third eye when I was 18, 19 years old, is a while ago, then my life did a few turns and I am back on track for the last 5 years and I can’t open my third eye, as you can imagine is very annoying for me, because I know what is there, sometimes I get very close but then I have to start again. I will used some of your tools and see how is going? My email is, if you like to write back …

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Paul Christens
Paul Christens
04. 10. 2022

Indeed a wonderfull sign post.Thanks, Todd!

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I find your posts to be so helpful. Sometimes I learn something new & other times it's validation I'm on my right path. So lovely - so exciting. So grateful - so much appreciation. Thank you Todd.

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