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The Akashic Seeker Stone

The Akashic Seeker Stone

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Hello everyone! I created the Seeker Stone to act as a catalyst for attracting that which you seek!


How? The Seeker Stone is made of a unique combination of minerals that allow it to hold a variety of different frequencies that are then focused and directed by Metatrons cube. This allows its keeper to stay comfortably in the right brain where your creativity can flourish and your intuition is the loudest.


The Seeker Stone is a powerful tool for manifesting in the physical realm with less resistance!


Have a question about the Seeker? Feel free to text me! (385) 416-4344


Akashic Records Resonance

Etheric Body

Universal Consciousness

Self Illuminating With Stored Light






Beach Sand

Himalayan Salt

Petrified Wood


Rose Quartz





Radiated With All 9 Solfeggio Frequencies

Flower of Life

Double Resin Cast For Maximum Potency

Metatron's Cube




3-3/4 inches wide

4 inches tall

*Size may vary slightly



I don't make the product until you order it. As a result, each one is made with as much love, light, and appreciation as possible. This allows the device to arrive already tuned to your energy, ready to serve you on your unique path of remembrance.


Please allow 1-3 weeks to create the device and 3-10 business days for the product to ship and arrive. Production time may be longer at the initial product launch.

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