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A Powerful Gift From The Akashc

Hello everyone! You can skip to the bottom If you are just here for the transformative soul statement from the Akash but if you have a moment I would like to share how I grabbed this potent affirmation and why.

When we wake up spiritually and become aware that the nature of our spoken words and thoughts is important and that everything we say and do is heard and remembered by the universe. This opens open a world of endless potential and possibility but you may have found yourself during this period asking things like this "What can I say to the universe that will make it understand how sad I feel?" or "What can I say to God that will make me feel safe and loved? "What can I say that will help me manifest out of my painful situation?"

Sometimes we feel empowered and we state who we are and allow this personal vision to become a reality and sometimes we back away and state "What's the point?" or "What can I say that I haven't already said?"

Well, let's talk about that.

With the demands of being an Akashic records practitioner and having to do the work at a very high volume because of the state of the world and I recently started trying some new things for the sake of efficiency and resource management because the need to clean the slate was still very much there. I started spending a lot of time in the Akash with the intention of not seeing or feeling anything but simply making the most powerful personal statement that I could.

Kinda seems like a funny approach I know but eventually, this practice led me to some extraordinary results. Before I would open the records and vent based on what my 3d experience has been. I was going in and had already decided what to say and how to say it. Now what I'm doing is I'm opening the Akash, putting all the earthly things on the back burner NO MATTER WHAT, and fully allowing my Higher Self to tell me exactly what to say and how.

The result? Powerful affirmations that I believe will be a source of strength to many individuals during this period of rapid change and transformation who are looking to gain traction and leave the eves and flows of the lower state behind as they ascend to their highest forms.

No longer will my daily experience determine how I speak to my universe and my Creator. I will ask instead "what Is the most empowering thing I can say in this moment that will help me manifest my highest self?"

This was the question asked and this was the latest answer received from the Akash:

"In this now moment with my free will and pure intent, I leave behind that which does not serve me, and I release that which does not help me to serve."

So what did I actually accomplish by doing this? A few things, my subconscious becomes reaffirmed with the game plan, It helps me stay aware that everything I experience, whether perceived as being positive or negative is something that I crossed paths with by design to help serve me in some way. I stated openly for all of my beings to hear, that I was moving forward without any unnecessary attachments to the old energy, and I enter what's next for me more equipped to be of service to the people I came here to help.

I hope that this affirmation does the same for you and creates a new beginning and habit of healthy, productive inner dialogue : )

Todd Bryson

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1 Comment

Apr 07, 2023

This sounds like a powerful manifestation to me and resonates with me, since I am ever looking to find and implement such affirmations, that are best aligned with my goal of rapid transformation. Therefore, thank you so much for sharing this one, coming straight from higher realms. You are 1 of my current heroes down here on earth.

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