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A Special Message From Kryon

Greetings dearest Lightworker, there is something we would like to address!

We understand that you may have been taught not to express your complaints and grievances to us, but we want to reassure you that this is precisely why we are carefully observing, listening, and taking notes so intently.

We need you to express yourself and what your experience has been honestly so we can act accordingly from our perspective.

It's what we do.

The promise to you was that you would never be alone, you would always be heard and you would not be judged or shamed for your thoughts and feelings in this grand experience and these promises remain true. Judgment is not our thing and when you open your heart and release your voice to us, no matter the tone, we will take it in with a compassionate ear and send you healing love that disintegrates with ease any worries, fears, or doubts that may be plaguing you in these times.

You are safe in the heart with us. Our Divine door is always open for you, and we will never judge or criticize your struggles and how you express them. We understand that life can be overwhelming and sometimes it's difficult to find the strength within yourself to keep moving forward but as you navigate the challenges of this world, I want to remind you that you are not defined by them. You are a timeless benevolent being having a human experience in duality that is over in a flash, and your true essence lies far beyond the limitations of this physical experience.

Establish within yourself that you are not bound to this world, and you can approach your work and life with a sense of detachment and freedom knowing that we will always act as the wind at your back because we know that you play an important role in this cleverly designed universal plan.

If anyone feels excluded, lost, or left behind I want to promise you that we would never let you miss what you came here to see.

Remember, it is right to question everything and it is also right to express yourself freely and without fear of judgment or reprisal, and that often your energetic wellbeing depends on it. You are a powerful being here to do great work, and we are here to help you unconditionally. So speak your truth and speak to us knowing that we are always on the edge of our seats, eagerly awaiting what you have to say...No Matter What!

The lights have dimmed and the curtains have opened, dear ones.

And so it is,


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