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Akashic Inheritance Retrieval

Updated: Nov 28, 2021


What compelled you to endure lifetime after lifetime in a harsh place like this? What cause could have enticed you so much that you left the comfortable dwellings of the higher dimensions?

Was it because you needed a break from all that perfection? Did you need some new characters to play or new stories to tell? Maybe, but the reason you came is actually too complex for us to process in this form. But that won't stop us from trying : )

The fact is that we are Source energy operating a linear biological machine that was designed to explore the Universe and collect data along the way...and boy have you collected data...

Do you want to see something scary? Open the records of a Soul who has spent dozens if not hundreds of lifetimes separated from the source and forced to survive in groups. It's no wonder it takes so many Old Souls decades to drop their karma and heal themselves enough to remain present in the now without the push and pull of the 3rd &4th density.

So what should you do with all that experience that was so important to acquire that you just HAD to be here? It couldn't have all been for nothing right?

Are you a victim here? Are you imprisoned? Is your Soul experimenting on you?

The truth about your records, your ETERNAL records, is that there is much more light than darkness. Lifetimes filled with Positive experiences, love, happiness, creativity, passion, abundance, family, and everything good about the Universe. These experiences are overflowing from your records, even in a state of separation, ready to be remembered and reintegrated by you, in the now.

The issue is, that the positive and negative energies in your records behave differently. Old wounds will continue to bubble to the surface so they can be given light and healed, This is more of an automatic function.

The positive attributes have a different set of instructions to work with. If the said attributes are not divinely organized to manifest in an unconscious state, they require an awakened consciousness to call them forward with free will.

So why is collecting all of this experience so exciting to your soul?


Your Soul is always in pursuit of the highest potential. So what does that tell you about the importance of being who you are right now as you sit here reading this? This now moment in this form contains the most potential in existence. You are special and don't forget it.

Learning how to open the Akashic Records is like activating realities developer mode and you just happen to find yourself in an energetic sweet spot like the Universe has never seen before.

There are many factors that motivate us to reincarnate on Earth. Some Souls are drawn here because of their desire to learn more about themselves, others by curiosity, and still others to fulfill a mission they came here to accomplish. And they would do ANYTHING to get in.

Whatever the reason is for your journey through physical form, I hope you find all you need here.

Todd Bryson

How to Open The Akashic Records - A Guide For Beginners

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