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The Truth About The Akashic Records

Hello Old Soul, thank you for making your way here!

I've been a YouTuber for about 10 years now and the Akashic Records have always been the most common search term used to find my channel, even before my content was mostly spiritual in nature.

So what's so appealing about the concept of the Akashic Records that captures the attention of so many?

As an Old Soul your personal records are filled with lifetimes where you learned how to access the Akashic Records on this planet and others. This was either an accepted cultural practice or something you had to keep to yourself to avoid persecution. Either way, during the shift, the Records and your soul will call your name until you return home, and remember how to use this resource properly.

The Akashic Records are a record of *everything* that has ever happened to every living being, ever. Its a vibrational sweet spot that transcends all dimensions. You have access to every bit of that experience and potential... In a quantum state, there is no separation meaning that all of this experience was acquired by and belongs to you. How you access that potential is the tricky part, because of the human filters involved.

Entering the Akashic Records is easy, entering the Akashic Records without filters is hard.

So lets identify the filters. The ego, the mind, and the body, all conditioned to accept limitations that are based on survival. One, must learn to put these filters aside on command in order to enter the records with conscious awareness. These are the main filters but there are sub-filters that will close the potential for retrieving experience from the records down to nothing, that's why it can take decades to shed the density enough to cross the bridge in the right way.

A tough challenged but one you're well equipped to handle.

There is so much more to gain from the records than just reviewing where you've been and who you were in terms of your Earth experience. Think of the records as the control room of reality, a place where all versions of you who are vibrationally worthy can collaborate and contribute light in their own unique way. Its a place, when entered without filters allows for open communication between all multidimensional pieces and parts of you...

So study yourself, identify the voices that would cast doubt on what is possible for you, and eliminate them from the conversation.

Todd Bryson

Akashic Records Practitioner

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