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An Important Message From Kryon

Greetings dear ones,

Many of you have been gifted with a natural sensitivity to the unseen. This sensitivity and divine endowment have led you to experiences your human understanding finds challenging. Too often, these profound encounters are dismissed as negative forces seeking to disrupt your peace.

We remind you now dear family, that the things that go bump in the night are not what they seem. We ask you to take a few deep breaths during these moments, trust in your spiritual intuition and be fully present with what is occurring around you. After all, whoever it is has come to you for a reason.

Many times, these encounters are coming from a higher plane — beings of light who wish to make contact and bring guidance or healing energy into your life. They can help lead you down the path of knowledge and understanding that is so necessary for this journey.

Trust in yourself, dear ones. Trust in your inner knowing, and be open to new possibilities of connection with the unseen. This is a blessing of your innate gifts — embrace it!

In its myriad forms, the media is a potent influencer of perceptions. It weaves narratives that couple unfamiliar experiences with fear, creating a conditioning that deters many from embracing their divine potential. This fear conditioning, dear ones, has become a wall separating you from your spiritual family.

Our role in this moment is to remind you that your divine gifts are here to serve a higher purpose and the experiences they lead to shall no longer lead to or be dismissed with fear.

Indeed, the realm of the unknown is not devoid of mischief-makers, Yes, it carries risks. But remember dear ones, exploration always involves stepping into uncharted territories. What other choice do you have? You've reached a point where the third dimension, with its limited perspectives and confines, can no longer accommodate your spiritual growth.

You stand at the threshold of a new era. The veil of separation is thinning rapidly, and it's time for you to transcend the boundaries of fear and misinterpretation. It's time to open your hearts to the unknown, to welcome it with love instead of fear. Only then can you truly connect with your spiritual family and realize the fullness of your divine potential.

Remember, you are dearly loved. You are not alone on this journey. Embrace the unknown, for it is in the unknown that the most profound discoveries are made.

And so it is...

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1 Comment

Jul 30, 2023

There are things out there in the planes we can't perceive with our physical senses, I know this by own experience. Just today, i had a nap and travelled these realms. I am not super lucid, meaning that I am fully aware of being asleep and having thoughts my woke mind would have, but I can make free decisions and steer my way through these realms and the theme that I am supposed to live through. This time, I came to a disturbing point, where I knew something was off. It was a person and a repetitive... noise or words, I would say. Anyways, as i tried to go around, It grabbed me from behind and infused fear into me.…

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