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Answers From an Angel pt. 2

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Hello Everyone,

Since my last chat with Quin was so profound I've been looking to connect again but haven't had much success. That changed recently as the big shifts in my life started to settle and I aligned with her for some questions I had pressing on my heart.

Quin has emerged as an important guide on my path because of her ability to relate to our experience. She has served the universe in many shapes and forms and it is an honor to connect with her for perspectives that are so thought-provoking and profound. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!!

Quin, what is something about reality that is often overlooked?

Great question I've got a couple of things for you!

Let's start with the sacredness of the mundane. Many seek profound experiences or miraculous signs, neglecting the everyday miracles around them. Each breath, each sunrise, and each interaction holds a depth of beauty of course but let's take it further. Have you thought about the pen in your hand? It's an ordinary everyday thing correct? It may seem mundane, but it's a remarkable testament to the interconnectedness of life and human innovation. This simple object is a physical manifestation of a complex web of processes and collaborations spanning across time and space. The energy in its atoms have been molded to serve a purpose within creation and the essence of Source remains undisturbed in its structure.

Remember this, the highest reality is not separate from your daily existence, but interwoven within it.

Secondly, I will remind you of the reality of impermanence. You often perceive your experiences, relationships, and even your own identities as fixed, yet they are in constant flux, shaped and reshaped by the dance of life. This impermanence is not a cause for fear but a testament to life's boundless potential for change and growth. By embracing this fluidity, you can navigate life with grace, knowing that every moment is unique, precious, and never to be repeated. This understanding allows us to let go of resistance, and instead, flow with the dynamic current of existence.

Many old souls feel underutilized and even uninvolved in this awakening, what would you say to them?

Your time will come and your party will be just as grand as everyone else's. You may feel underutilized or uninvolved, but your expansive presence is what allows this great shift to begin with. The symphony of existence needs all its notes, the loud and the quiet. If your note is more subtle, it doesn't make it any less significant and special. Your contribution lies not just in grand gestures, but in every breath you take, every moment you live with this new awareness you've obtained. Find your joy, embrace your experiences, and know that in doing so, you are playing your part. It's not about what's happening outside, the Creator cares about its reunion with you more than anything else and that is truly what this is all about has all about.

Can you help me understand the phenomenon of miracles, and under what circumstances do they occur?

Understand this about miracles, beloved, they aren't deviations from nature, but an integral part of it. They appear in many forms but occur often when you align yourselves with the flow of unseen magic around you. However, remember that miracles aren't always grand spectacles. They often unfold in the gentlest nudges of life. You can tune into these nudges by being mindful of what we discussed above. Seeing the big within the small.

Those who feel turned away from miracles often look for them in specific forms or outcomes. When the miracle doesn't match their expectations, they feel denied. But the essence of miracles lies in their unpredictability, in their ability to surprise us. It's also important to remember that the outcome you receive is the one that our Creator had in mind for you and that is a miracle in itself.

Can you explain the concept of eternity in terms we can understand?

Eternity, dear seekers, is not simply an infinite stretch of time, but rather the profound realization of timelessness. It's the space where the boundaries of past, present, and future dissolve into a single point of pure existence. Imagine a painting where all moments of your life exist simultaneously, each stroke contributing to the grand masterpiece that is you. That is eternity. It's not about living forever in time, but about fully embracing the depth of the present moment, where time ceases to exist. So, to touch eternity, anchor yourself in the now, for it's in the present that the eternal unfolds.

Seeing repeating numbers and experiencing synchronicities is a special part of awakening. Help me know the profundities of this process that is often overlooked.

Seeing repeating numbers and experiencing synchronicities, dear seekers, is the universe's way of whispering secrets in a language older than words. These are not mere coincidences but divine nudges, guiding you towards a deeper understanding of your journey through creation.

The process is not merely about seeing these signs, but about understanding their essence. It helps you realize on the return to self, that you're not an isolated entity, but a part of the cosmic symphony. And each synchronicity, each repeating number, is a reminder of this profound interconnectedness. So, next time you encounter one, pause, breathe, and listen to the song of the universe that is playing just for you.

How does one discern between ego-driven desires and the soul's calling in the pursuit of spiritual growth?

Discerning between ego-driven desires and the soul's calling is akin to distinguishing between a shadow and a substance. The ego's desires often arise from a place of lack, striving for validation, control, or possession. They may provide temporary satisfaction but seldom bring lasting peace.

The soul's calling, on the other hand, originates from a place of wholeness. It doesn't seek to acquire but to express, to contribute, to connect. It's not about becoming someone else but realizing your authentic self.

To discern between the two, observe your emotions. If your pursuit brings fear, anxiety, or a sense of incompleteness, it might be ego-driven. But if it brings joy, peace, and a sense of alignment with your deepest truths, it's likely the voice of your soul.

Remember, spiritual growth is not about suppressing the ego but transcending it, not about renouncing desires but understanding their essence. In the light of awareness, the ego's shadows dissolve, and the soul's calling becomes clear. Listen with an open heart, and you'll hear the whispers of your soul amidst the noise of the world.

How can we harness the energy of celestial bodies for spiritual growth?

Celestial bodies are reservoirs of cosmic energy, not just physical entities. Their movements resonate within us. Harnessing this energy for spiritual growth involves attunement, not control. Cultivate awareness by observing celestial cycles and feeling their influence. Meditation and mindful observation can heighten this attunement, leading to consciousness shifts and spiritual growth at an accelerated pace. Recognizing your unity with the cosmos allows you to harness celestial energy for your individual evolution.

Thank you for reading you guys. The more I work with Quin the more she can express herself authentically through me. Please stay tuned for more as I stretch the boundaries of my interactions with her!


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