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Blessings of a Sleeping Partner

Hello everyone,

As lightworkers, we possess a strong sense of purpose and an unwavering drive to positively impact the world. Our spiritual awakening is a thrilling experience that we naturally want to share with our significant others. However, it's not uncommon for our partners to remain 'asleep,' seemingly unaffected by our newfound enlightenment. While this may initially seem discouraging, there are hidden blessings within this dynamic.

Let's explore what the Akashic records have to say about how our 'asleep' partners can actually help us grow and thrive as lightworkers.

Hidden Perspectives

When our significant other remains asleep, they present us with a unique opportunity to engage with a perspective that may greatly differ from our own. This contrast challenges us to deepen our understanding of our spirituality and compels us to communicate our beliefs and values more effectively, or helps to instill them in us further.

By navigating these divergent perspectives, we sharpen our ability to empathize with others and find common ground, even when our worldviews don't align. This skill is invaluable as we strive to connect with and support those who cross our paths as lightworkers.

Mastering Unconditional Love

At the core of being a lightworker is cultivating an immense sense of love and compassion for all beings. When our partner remains asleep, we have the perfect opportunity to practice unconditional love within the context of our most intimate relationship.

By accepting and embracing our significant other as they are, we learn to extend the same grace to others, regardless of their spiritual awareness. This fosters a greater capacity for empathy and understanding, which are essential qualities for any lightworker.

Balancing Realities

As we embark on our spiritual journey, it can be tempting to become consumed by our inner growth and lose touch with the tangible aspects of life. Our asleep partners can serve as a grounding force, reminding us of the importance of maintaining a balance between our spiritual pursuits and our earthly responsibilities.

By staying connected to the practicalities of daily life, we become more effective lightworkers, able to integrate our spiritual wisdom into an actionable change in the world around us.

The Art of Letting Go

A key aspect of spiritual growth is learning to let go of control and surrender to the natural flow of life. When our significant other doesn't experience the same awakening as us, it can be a powerful lesson in releasing expectations and trusting the unfolding of each person's unique path.

This lesson in letting go teaches us to have faith in the greater plan and to trust that every individual's journey, including our partner's, is divinely orchestrated for their highest good.

Fortifying Our Own Light

Our asleep partners can inadvertently help us grow stronger in our own light by presenting us with the challenge of staying true to ourselves in the face of differing beliefs. This challenge pushes us to reaffirm our convictions and deepen our connection with our inner guidance.

As we navigate these differences, we become more resilient and steadfast in our mission as lightworkers, better equipped to face the myriad of challenges that may come our way.

In conclusion, while it's natural to wish for our significant others to join us on our spiritual path, it's important to recognize the hidden strengths that can arise from their continued slumber. By embracing the gifts of divergent perspectives, unconditional love, balance, and surrender, we can grow and evolve as lightworkers, becoming ever more effective agents of change in our world.

I hope this helps. Having a partner who is awake isn't something I see very often when out working in the field. If anything I hope this information serves as a reminder that we should embrace the differences and take advantage of any opportunity to grow.

Thank you for reading!

Todd Bryson

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3 則留言

Thank you so much for sharing this loving and helpful perspective Todd. It is very much appreciated!



True, my friend. Looking back to the close souls I have met in this lifetime so far, most were very entangled in the 3rd Dimension and its life. Thanks, it's true. I have realized such positive effects on my journey.

All the best.


Great reminders Todd, much appreciated!

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