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Blessings of a Sleeping Partner No. 2

Hello everyone,

Not long ago, I shared an article with you called "Blessings of a Sleeping Partner" which got a lot of great feedback from those who read it. Considering that reception I thought it would be fitting to delve deeper into this topic.

In this follow-up piece, we will explore a few strategies that can aid in providing support to our partners who may or may not be destined to wake up. These strategies will help you do this while being mindful of their unique path.

Here you go!!!

Establish Rapport With Their Guides

My wife is blissfully asleep, and that's fine, she gets along quite well with all her knowingness, and I'm more than happy with the situation. One thing I do that she doesn't often realize is that I talk to her guides a lot. They don't always talk back but I make it known that I'm aware of them. We share a bond, a quiet understanding. I see their divine hand in the subtle synchronicities in her life, and I give them a knowing wink. I invoke them in times of uncertainty and I thank them for their guidance when the answers are clear.

I express gratitude for their involvement whenever things deviate from or exceed expectations. This relationship is crucial because it reminds me that she also has those who support her and that can contribute to a greater sense of peace within our dynamic.

Share Personal Experiences

As a lightworker, you are privy to a myriad of extraordinary experiences - interactions with apparitions, sightings of UFOs, instances of divine synchronicity, and miracles of all shapes and sizes. To the uninitiated, these experiences might seem peculiar, even unfathomable. Yet, it is crucial to share these moments with your partner, regardless of their level of understanding.

Concealing these experiences can become burdensome over time, potentially manifesting in unexpected ways. Conversely, sharing these experiences can pave the way for new avenues of growth and understanding, both for you and your partner.

When we share our remarkable experiences with those we deeply love and trust, it naturally arouses their curiosity about the unseen, inspiring them to vicariously explore and comprehend these phenomena.

Just don't overdo it : )

Nurture Your Space for Awakening

Will your partner traverse the same path of awakening as you? The answer is uncertain and may remain so. However, what lies within our power is the ability to craft an environment that nurtures the potential for such expansive growth.

Many of us found our spiritual awakening amidst chaos, surrounded by imbalance. Instead of repeating this pattern, why not shape your shared space into a sanctuary of balance? A place that resonates with vibrations conducive to growth and expansion.

The veil separating us from higher truth is indeed thin and growing thinner by the second. By curating the right conditions in our space we might just serve as catalysts for that bubble of amnesia to burst.

We can certainly create an environment that fosters spiritual growth and self-discovery. This, in itself, is a profound act of love and support.

Fostering Open Communication

Don't allow yourself to be shackled by another's perception or expectation of you. Presenting and expressing yourself authentically is the most loving thing you can do. Being open and transparent about your ascension journey can not only fortify your relationship but also pave the way for fearless dialogues on profound, often untouched topics.

If you veil your lightworker identity, your partner may inadvertently be interacting with an obsolete version of you, which is neither fair to them nor representative of your truth.

The key observation here is that authenticity is the bedrock of any meaningful relationship. When we fearlessly embrace our uniqueness and openly communicate our experiences, we create space for understanding, growth, and deep connection so when and if they do wake up, they will know they already have a safe corner to lean on.

Leading by Example

Actions indeed speak louder than words. By living the principles of compassion, love, and understanding, we can inspire those around us to consider a similar path. Illustrating the benefits of spiritual awakening through our actions can be a potent catalyst for their personal journey. People are naturally drawn to those who are living their best lives, and this holds true for Lightworkers.

Being a living testament of what's possible is one of the most powerful things you can do for those you love.

As I conclude, I invite you to ponder a potent thought. Your partner may still be in spiritual slumber, and whether they'll awaken remains uncertain. Yet what we can say with certainty is that they chose to share this earthly journey with someone like you - someone who is awake, someone who is bravely exploring their spiritual depths, expressing their authentic self, and catalyzing humanity's ascent.

What might this suggest? Even if your partner isn't spiritually awake, they are instrumental in this epoch of transformation. They serve as both anchors and wings - grounding you when needed, yet empowering you to soar. They may challenge you, provoke you, and even ignite a sense of wonder within you. Every day, they present you with opportunities to learn, grow, and evolve.

Their presence in your life, and their interactions with you, are not mere coincidences but purposeful engagements designed for growth. They are not just spectators in your journey but active participants, contributing to your evolution and the broader shift in consciousness.

Good Night,


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3 comentários

Again, another great reminder Todd, thank you! Lots of great points - for me the not overdoing :), (which in turn reminds me of the importance of balance) and the subject of the grounding that our sleeping partners provide were especially key . Keep up the amazing work please, Blessings!


30 de jun. de 2023

A beautiful, inspiring and wise Article. It's an interesting relation you are living with you partner.

This topic could even be extended to those close Souls that we might not even have already encountered.

It's always up to every individual, when they are ready to open up to the realization of their higher self.

We may have made some pre life agreements on whom we meet and under which circumstances, but then there's free will and potentiality.

So I totally agree with you on this fact, that we cannot control other people's awakening, and neither should try to, but instead being living examples, regardless of actually and already living with this partner, or not. Energetically, we are influencing our surroundings, and…


Marcus Looft
Marcus Looft
30 de jun. de 2023

Thank you, Todd, a very relevant part of our journey and very valuable insight!

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