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Pleiadian Messages 4-15-23

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share a download I received from the Pleiadian family about activating and enhancing our multidimensional awareness by influencing the ego passively. The truth is that managing the ego is a balancing act of both direct conscious instruction and passive observation. Meaning that the ego operates more linear or quantum based on how we interact with it, and how we act and behave in our daily lives.

I was given what is called the 7 Eso-egoic Principles. These are designed to help us activate our multidimensional understanding while maintaining an awareness that our ego is ultimately a tool for us to use rather than be used by.

Each principle help creates a harmonious spiritual ego, stimulating greater self-awareness so that we can recognize our authentic values and aspirations. This encourages us to demonstrate compassion for ourselves and others, accept those around us without prejudice, and maintain equilibrium between inner ideals and external situations while remaining courageous in the face of opposition or fear. Ultimately these fundamentals strive towards personal transformation into better versions of ourselves with clarity on all levels leading us onward to reach our greatest potential.


Self Awareness - Promotes understanding of one's true values and goals, allowing for connection to a higher purpose and proper direction of energy.

Influences the ego by limiting passive linear directives and allowing more active thought, resulting in a re-framing of perspective that can expand beyond preconceived societal norms and traditions.

Compassion - Encourages an appreciation for the larger picture of life and instills humility in recognizing our interconnectedness with each other and the universe.

Influences the ego by providing an intuitive understanding, which in turn helps to break down ego-driven walls.

Acceptance - Removes judgment on yourself or others, allowing individuals to be authentic without fear or prejudice.

Influences the ego by reducing Anxiety and negative inner chatter. Helps release fear and worry that the ego projects onto future events. Encourages one to focus on the present moment

Detachment - Allows us to be present with what is happening without letting outside influences hinder the decision-making process.

Influences the ego by reducing the need for control and power, which are two of the ego's defining characteristics. Detachment teaches us that we can accept what is without manipulation.

Balance - Guidance in maintaining the connection with both inner values as well as outer circumstances, promoting harmony between both worlds.

Influences the ego by illuminating the differences between those two worlds and fostering a more open and understanding perspective.

Courage - Necessary when taking decisions or following through with action despite fear or apprehension.

Influences the ego by helping us to move through fear and doubt, instead of allowing it to paralyze us. Encourages us to take action with faith and trust.

Transformation - Involves evolving into a better version of oneself by transcending any limiting beliefs or patterns that may have been developed over time, leading to more clarity and awareness in all areas of life.

Influences the ego by allowing us to step into higher levels of consciousness and understanding, leading to a more holistic view of ourselves. It allows us to move past the ego's need for control.

Thank you all for making it this far. The information above is simple and that is the point. Sometimes we try to overcomplicate things that don't need to be as a way of control and then we lose sight of what is really important. So I encourage you to take a step back and focus on the 7 Eso-egoic Principles and remember, keeping it simple is the key.

Todd Bryson

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