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The Art of Resonance

Hello Everyone!

Picture this - a woman, filled with dreams of cultivating a lush garden adorned with blooming roses. She imagines the vibrant colors, the delicate petals, and the sweet fragrance filling her senses. As she carefully plants rose seeds, nourishing them with love and patience, so too must we 'sow the right seeds'—positive thoughts and actions that align with our dreams.

We are all here in this age of enlightenment to understand and embody universal principles of creation. One such principle is that we attract what resonates with our energy.

With that in mind what if this woman, despite her dreams of roses, plants cactus seeds instead? Isn't she setting herself up for disappointment? Similarly, in the garden of our lives, if we nurture negative emotions while striving for positivity, can we expect positive outcomes? The answer, unfortunately, is usually no, at least not to the degree that it is fulfilling.

As evolved beings blessed with higher consciousness, aren't we chosen to comprehend and teach these principles by providing an example? Doesn't this endow us with the responsibility to be aware of the energy we emit? Remember, you can manifest prosperity just as easily as scarcity. These principles have a stronger influence on you because you possess the gift of knowledge and awareness of them.

Consider this: If your thoughts are consumed by worries and fears about money and prosperity, you just attract more scarcity and hardship. This is similar to the woman planting cactus seeds instead of roses. is On the other hand, if your heart radiates love and joy for life and its potential, regardless of current circumstances, it is more likely that incredible opportunities and wealth will find their way to you.

Isn't it remarkable how you hold the power to shape your life? This is your journey, your narrative to write. The universe is your canvas, and you're holding the paintbrush. With understanding and mindfulness, you can create a masterpiece that reflects your dreams.

So, I invite you to reflect, to introspect, and most importantly, to start painting, free from the noise of limitation that once constrained you.

Todd Bryson

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1 Comment

Thank you Todd! Short and sweet reminders laced with love ❤️. A reminder that You become your focus ❤️

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