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The Crop Circle Makers Revealed

Hello everyone,

I've been VERY busy working on something I can barely contain my excitement for, but I wanted to sit down and tell you about a cool experience I had in the Akash!! There is also an image of the experience below.

I've spoken before about how many of the crop circles we see today are not created by ETs but by the ancients from the Old Kingdom of Lemuria and others. Meaning they are made by you and I and the old souls who are still there in the now.

You are a quantum time-traveling healer by the way. In case you didn't know now you do.

When a crop circle appears for us today, what we don't see is the MASSIVE gathering of highly conscious Lemurians on the other side of it, using Gaia's grid system as the delivery method to send what is actually an energy care package forward in time. These Lemurians (You and I) held the vision of it so vividly and intently that it appeared in our now moment for us to find today.

I recently had the opportunity to remember one of these events in the Akash. At a site that is now underwater. We had a natural bowl formation in the Earth that worked out nicely as a stadium-like shape and we called it 'The Intention Grounds'. The grounds had perfect elevated spots and seating areas for spectators. Additionally, there was a large open field that we all took turns maintaining.

The grounds truly were massive, the paragraph before may have painted the image of an actual stadium of people, sitting shoulder to shoulder but It was more like a large open bowl of mountains where we all spread out so we could work within a quiet peaceful bubble even though there may have been 10's of thousands of us participating.

When it was time to start, we began with an invocation of the four sacred elements, Water, Fire, Air, and Earth to make sure we were grounded in our shared purpose. Then we turned our intention to the vast timeless nature of creation and allowed our collective energy to be directed with the intention to send not just a message but an energy bundle of sorts full of frequencies and resources we can use to wake up again.

As we continued to focus on this aim, a wondrous thing happened. There were suddenly pillars of light that shot up from the Earth and connected in a spiral pattern over our heads! Growing even more intense as time passed, until eventually formed a massive crop circle design with intricate symbols and shapes that could be seen for miles around. Gaia and her elements seemed excited and pleased with us and we could feel their presence all around as the efforts to heal future timelines became a tangible reality.

Holding my awareness in this experience was not easy, I had to stay engaged while feeling squeezed between the realms of physical and spiritual but I held my focus long enough to see the formation vividly.

I spent another 3 hours trying to get the AI image software to render something that was even vaguely similar to what I have seen. The image didn't capture the impressive size of the structure, its vibrant lights, and colors, however, it accurately conveyed the 3-dimensional shape. It seemed as though the land had molded itself to fit the formation.

Keep in mind that what I actually saw was probably more like 20 miles wide.

This experience was an absolute pleasure and a privilege to be part of, and I will carry it with me until I leave this place. I am grateful for the opportunity to share it with you : )

Todd Bryson

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5 comentários

Such a powerful experience! The beauty of what you saw is astounding! What a glorious creation. Thank you for sharing your remembrance.


Amazing!! What an exciting experience you had, and what a gift you share with us!! Lemuria is something I feel very connected to - a little bit of info at a time coming through, so this REALLY resonates. Thank you for all you do, Todd.


I felt every word of this throughout my being as I read this. Todd, this is just so amazing and I cannot thank you enough for sharing this experience - this truth! Just so much to say, but I just want to sit with this. Blessings, gratitude, light and love.


After reading this a couple times, I closed my eyes, and saw and felt this. The love was amazing! Heartfelt gratitude to you for sharing.


04 de jun. de 2023

Todd, thank you for sharing this experience and knowledge. It feels satisfying to have the understanding of how those circles were created, the circumstances and so on. It must have been a really peaceful time back then, allowing their inhabitants to even think of and act for the future in such a way. Looking forward to those times returning and to create the passage to them in the now moment. Be blessed, as always.

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