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The Sacred Pilgrimage - Kryon

Coming Soon: The Lemurian Light Helix

Greetings Dear Ones,

This awakening of yours is a deeply personal pilgrimage, requiring you to navigate through the intricate mazes of your consciousness as you move toward the profound discovery of God within. This path asks that you redefine everything you once held as fundamental in your life. It is only by shedding the old and embracing the new that you will come to experience the truth of your own spark.

Recognize that your physical body is merely a fleeting vessel; your true essence lies in the ethereal realm of spirit. You are a spiritual being having a human experience, and your ultimate purpose is to awaken the dormant divine potential nestled deep within you.

Everything external that benefits from that process is simply the cherry on top as you would say.

As you face this tall task, be sure to nurture an unwavering devotion and reverence toward yourself. Honor your soul's wisdom, heed its counsel, harness the potency of your thoughts and emotions, and wield your spiritual gifts as instruments for carving a life of joy and abundance.

Whether through meditation, reflection, or introspection, create space for the still, small voice within to emerge dear ones – this is the voice that murmurs eternal truths of your being and illuminates the path toward self-realization.

Ensure you remain compassionate and empathetic toward yourself and others. Embrace the concept of oneness, recognizing that you are all interconnected, each a unique expression of the same essence. By acknowledging the divinity within others, you simultaneously affirm and strengthen your own connection to the divine.

Dear ones if you take anything from this short, but inspired piece, let it be curiosity to explore the depths of your inner being and open yourself up to the power, love, and potential within. These things belong to you after all.

With the essence of the perpetual seeker, clarity will arise and guidance that is tailored to you can be obtained. You have all the answers dear ones – fear not as you enter the unknown, for you will soon discover it is not so unknown after all.

And So It Is

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