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Unveiling Your God Given Mission

Hello dear family, It is truly an honor to convey this message to you today.

The energy you bring here has been felt in every corner of the Earth. You are anointed and chosen to be a leader in this monumental shift of consciousness. With your compassionate spirit, creative vision, and unique gifts, you will craft solutions for Humanity that could never have been imagined.

Don't let the ego tell you that what you just read is too big. It's the standard.

In duality, the soul is gifted with the potential to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds, and the lure of facing the impossible once again was too great to resist. This opportunity encourages the soul to learn how to respond to adversity effectively, show others how by example, and grow into a higher version of itself.

What exists in your life that has been deemed personally or societally impossible to overcome? It is here that you will find your God-given assignment and reason for coming.

I know this because I have seen it and felt it within my own experience.

Ask yourself what lies beyond your current state, what path would lead you there, and how walking that path will influence collective creation. Allow your Creator to guide you toward the truth, and remember that every challenge is a gift. Embrace it, lean into it, and move forward with courage and conviction knowing that although the path may seem hard, you have within yourself all that you need to navigate it and you would never be given something you couldn't handle.

We are drawn to the premise of venturing beyond and this is enchanting still. This potential is within us all and we have the power to move mountains for many, and this is exactly the task at hand for Lightworkers. We are never alone in this journey and there are always enlightened forces by our side, waiting for and encouraging us to take that next step on trail of our purpose.

You wanted to know why God asked you to come? You wanted to know why God put you through what he did? It was because he saw something in you that is unique and special, something that no one else has. He perceived the capacity within you to succeed and to enlighten those around you with your own story of what success is.

Your being here is proof that the stakes were too high to leave you on the bench. What an honor.

Your assignment is to challenge the impossible. Take this opportunity, miraculous soul, and step into your power. You are capable, and Humanity deserves to witness the great miracles you have to offer. It is time. Let us journey together into an unprecedented future, one the most gifted seers to ever grace the universe could never have predicted.

The Age of the Healer is upon us and we are to rewrite the script. Open your heart and mind, summon courage, and let go of outdated beliefs that no longer serve you. Your mission awaits!

Hello, Impossible, It is I, your greatest foe.

Todd Bryson


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